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“It’s just so weird, Mom” – A review of Neuwirth’s Orlando

VIENNA – Olga Neuwirth’s opera “Orlando” would be brilliant if it was an earnest attempt to troll reviewers. Its reception smacks of a hidden camera prank show where top food critics share apologias about the tv dinners they were unwittingly served. Nowhere is that more apparent than the New York Times’ painful efforts to not More

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Tracking Georgia O’Keeffe

Few American artists have made as big an impression on the average American as Georgia O’Keeffe. She has been called the “Mother of American modernism.” Although her paintings of New York skyscrapers and huge flowers are well known, she is mostly remembered for her abstractions on beautiful landscapes, mostly in New Mexico. Several spots in New Mexico are beautiful memorials to her. More

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The Wildlife In My Florida Backyard

In Florida, you really don’t have to travel far to find interesting flora and fauna to gaze at. The Sunshine State is home to a wide variety of species, both native and invasive. Many different lizards especially take comfort in the warm and humid weather, and you can find everything from the striking African Rock More

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Coronavirus or Not: 5 Packable Items to Keep You Healthy

With Coronavirus making its rounds around the world, travelers far and wide are looking for ways to keep themselves healthy. Whether you’re flying for business or taking a break from reality, there are plenty of ways to protect yourself from whatever ailments are out there. Now or in the future it’s always important to put More

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