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Las Cruces: From Past to Present

Las Cruces is an interesting town to visit as it has a different vibe than most U.S. cities. The reason dates back to its early European beginnings. It became a Spanish territory in 1598, when Juan de Oñate claimed it for Spain. The fact that it was already the home of the Manso Native Americans didn’t matter. It was later claimed More

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The Restoration of Sierra Vista’s Fry Pioneer Cemetery

Community is important. It’s more than just where we live. It’s store clerks, mechanics, doctors, and teachers. It’s our friends and neighbors who keep us company. It’s also the people who take care of the places we mourn members of the community we’ve lost. Elizabeth Wrozek, the new curator of the Henry F. Hauser Museum More

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Intro to Travel Writing 101

Sojournlist was designed for both the introductory writer as well as the experienced. We are by no means the final word or experts in the field, but we have some insights that perhaps others do not. I’ve gained the following knowledge from my experience in photojournalism. I started out as a photojournalist in the military, More

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There has been nothing worse for my online shopping habits than quarantine. I’m not necessarily buying everything (otherwise RIP my credit history) but it’s fun to imagine some fun outfits for my next adventure. I’m also not a huge beach bum or mountain climber, I love every kind of journey. So, like my inability to More

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