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Mountain, City, Sea, and Save in the Tacoma Area

“It’s weird. I thought it was supposed to always rain in the Pacific Northwest? But it hasn’t really rained since I moved to Tacoma,” I asked an acquaintance a few weeks after moving to the city thirteen-years ago. “Shhhhhh, don’t tell anyone,” he responded. “It’s our secret.” I was captivated by Tacoma. It was really More

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Tacoma Night Market: I Think I’m Having an Art Attack

Sometimes you find yourself having an experience that needs to be told in the second person because your first person is waiting in line for macarons from Girl Loves Cake’s table.  It’s a true Tacoma Night Market story, and you can see it unfolding, again and again, every third Saturday of the month at Alma Mater Tacoma on Fawcett Avenue. Edison More

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Downsizing For Freedom

About three years ago, my husband and I made the decision to escape the Seattle-area rat race and travel full-time in an RV. This decision was based on several things including wanting the freedom to live our lives instead of living to work. We researched like fiends and every hurdle that popped up seemed to More

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Cutthroat Climb at the Willapa National Wildlife Refuge.

I was exhausted when my wife pulled into the Willapa National Wildlife Refuge. My kids and wife were on the opposite end of the spectrum. Usually, I bring along my tripod and camera bag loaded with lenses I will probably never use. This time I grabbed one camera and the lens on it and reluctantly More

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Cleveland, Living with Legends

In 1669 the French explorer de La Salle, the first European in the Ohio was met by the Iroquois Indians who migrated there in the early 1600s. The river and the state would be named the Iroquois word for “beautiful river”. The land was a bountiful native beaver hunting ground and although the Iroquois were More

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