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Three Days Underground in Southern Arizona

Most times when we are traveling we see and think about the sights that are above ground, the ones that are right before our eyes. But, after our three days underground, we now wonder what’s below the ground that we are missing or has yet to be discovered. More

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In the not too distant past, if you wanted to get close to nature you needed to pack your camping supplies or hitch up your RV. I just did it with either of these things. How? I went glamping in Ellijay in the north Georgia Mountains. More

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I Found Some Sasquatch

At the City Park in North Bonneville, Washington, I spotted a family of five Big and Little Feet plus more little feet frolicking in the trees. You know that Bigfoot is another name for the elusive Sasquatch, right? There are actually more than 150 names for this mysterious hominid. More

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