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10 Best Tourist Attractions in Dubai

The world came to a standstill a few months ago, as cases of Coronavirus began rising all around the globe. The most affected was travel, as international flights were canceled, and most countries went under lockdown. Although the threat of the virus still lingers, many cities have started opening their doors to tourists. If you are ready to begin your travelogues, Dubai would be a great place to start with. While the Emirate city of Dubai offers many things, here are ten best attractions that should be a part of your Dubai itinerary.

Burj Khalifa

You cannot go to Dubai and not visit the Burj Khalifa! The tallest building in the world stands over all the city’s skyscrapers, easily seen from anywhere in the city. The building contains a luxury hotel, few fine dining restaurants, and even a residential complex. However, tourists can visit the observation deck on the 124th floor. A visit to the observation deck gives you the chance to ride on the fastest elevator on earth and see the bird’s eye view of the entire city.

Dubai Mall

Located next to the Burj Khalifa is the largest shopping mall in Dubai, one of the world’s largest. While there are more than 1200 retail stores in the mall, shopping need not be the only reason to visit the enormous Dubai Mall. On the other hand, the mall offers an indoor aquarium, an ice rink, a gaming zone, and a multiplex theatre for your entertainment. There is also a huge food court where you would be spoilt for choices. You must also check out the Dubai Fountain Show, which happens right outside the mall, on the Burj Lake, every evening, between 6 to 11. In short, you can spend an entire day inside the mall without getting bored even for a minute.

Dubai Museum

If you are interested in knowing about Dubai more than its glamorous surface, the Dubai Museum is the place you should visit. The museum, found inside the premises of the Al Fahidi Fort, is the oldest building in the city. The exhibits in the museum range from Bedouin-style houses and tents to the traditional clothing of the Arabs. A tour of the Dubai Museum is both educational and interesting.

Bastakiya Quarter

Not far from the Dubai Museum is the Bastakiya Quarter, the oldest neighborhood in the city. The narrow alleyways, the old-style houses, and wind towers would take you back to when Dubai was a modest fishing village. Several of the houses have been turned into art galleries, museums, and cafes. Combine the Bastakiya Quarter tour with an abra ride on the Dubai Creek for an incredible experience.

Dubai Frame

Resembling a picture frame, the iconic Dubai Frame is a relatively recent addition to Dubai’s attractions. It is strategically positioned so that Old Dubai falls on one side, and Modern Dubai falls on the other. But the highlight of the structure is the glass bridge on its top. There are also two interesting museums nearby, giving you a glimpse of the city’s past and the promise of its future.

Dubai Miracle Garden

While there is no dearth of miracles in Dubai, the Dubai Miracle Garden is definitely the best one. It is the biggest natural flower garden in the world and is home to more than 109 million flowers. But what makes the garden a must-see in Dubai is the way the arrangement of the flowers. Right from a huge floral clock to floral structures of popular cartoon characters, the Dubai Miracle Garden would definitely amaze you.

Desert Safari

Ask anyone who has ever visited Dubai, and he or she would say that the desert safari is the ultimate thing to do in Dubai. The city is surrounded by vast desert land, and it is here where the Arabs lived before they moved to the city. The Dubai desert safari is filled with an exciting adventure, delicious food, and lively entertainment. You get to indulge in dune bashing, camel riding, and quad biking here. You would also get to watch graceful Tanoura and belly dancing performances. However, the best part is the surreal ambiance of the desert safari, especially during sunset.  

Jumeirah Beach

Jumeirah Beach is one of the best public beaches in the city. The white sand bordering the Persian Gulf, and the gorgeous view of the Burj Al Arab makes it worth visiting. Apart from strolling on the beach and lying on the sand watching the waves, Jumeirah Beach is also great for water sports enthusiasts. There are also picnic areas, a playground for kids, and barbecue areas on the beach.

Dubai Marina

Like Dubai Creek is flanked by the old part of the city, Dubai Marina is the center of the city’s poshest and sophisticated area. Apart from classy residential complexes and buildings, Dubai Marina is also home to several nightclubs and waterfront restaurants. One of the best things to do here is going on a dhow cruise dinner, where you can enjoy a delicious dinner and incredible views at the same time. The Dubai Marina is also home to the longest urban zipline, which would interest you if you like adventures.

Jumeirah Mosque

Dubai is a part of the UAE, which is deeply rooted in Islam, and your tour would not be complete without a visit to a mosque. One of the few mosques in Dubai that is open to non-Muslims is the Jumeirah Mosque. Located in Dubai Marina, the Jumeirah Mosque’s architecture style is based on the medieval Fatimid traditions. You can go on a free tour where the guide would tell you about the mosque’s architecture and Islam. An important thing to remember is to dress modestly during your visit. You can also borrow an abaya or scarf at the entrance of the mosque. 


Although the ten attractions given above do not do justice to Dubai, these are definitely some of the things that you should not miss when in the city. They make a good start for your memorable Dubai holiday.


Written by Neha Singh

Neha Singh is a keen wanderer and a foodie. She believes music, long nature walks and making new friends is the best way to live life completely.

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