There has been nothing worse for my online shopping habits than quarantine. I’m not necessarily buying everything (otherwise RIP my credit history) but it’s fun to imagine some fun outfits for my next adventure. I’m also not a huge beach bum or mountain climber, I love every kind of journey. So, like my inability to pick a terrain, this list is some of my favorite pieces for any and every trip. 

Do you have pieces you MUST HAVE for every trip? Leave your recommendations in the comments at the end, I’d love to know.

Lucky Lace

Never leave the house without your staples. If you’re destined for white-sand beaches or white powder slopes, you can’t go wrong with anything from Lucky Lace. Not only are they more inclusive than your average shop, they always offer free shipping no matter your order size. Their outfits are comfy, flattering, and pack so well. Roll ‘em or fold ‘em, these clothes won’t do you wrong no matter where you go. You won’t need to worry about excessive wrinkling or looking disheveled if you’ve got Lucky Lace on your side. 

Honest Cotton

I’d be remiss not to include Honest Cotton on this list. Not only are their pieces easy to put into an ensemble, but they are also ethically made. Plus everything is French-stitched meaning I can still comfortably wear my Honest Cotton palazzos without fear of my thighs ripping a seam. And, should you have any skin allergies, everything is 100% cotton so you won’t be itching like crazy. With a bunch of friends with such allergies, I know how important it is to find well-made, wholly cotton pieces. 


I’ll be honest, I usually pack or wear sandals if I go somewhere warm, but I rarely wear them for long periods of time. Arcopédico sandals are the only ones I have ever found that don’t leave me wishing I had never worn sandals in my life. I don’t get blisters or arch pain at all with these sandals. I get all the support of a great athletic shoe with the freedom of a sandal. Not to mention the fact that they are dressier than your average sandal. 10/10 would recommend any of Arcopédico’s shoes with these amazing contoured insoles. 


Retro looks have always been my favorite, so I’m not mad that they’re making a comeback in a major way. As a curvy woman, I always feel my best in pinup looks. With the designs from Tatyana, the styles are limitless. Plus many of their models are inked which, for this tattoo collector, is a huge bonus. Tons of their pieces are available in XS-4X and they sell a variety of outfit pieces. Also so many of their dresses have pockets. I need all of the dresses with pockets, ASAP. So if you’re into mid-20th-century styles without the often high price points of other retro boutiques, get over to Tatyana. 


No matter how old I get, magical products will always make my heart happy. SUNS is one of those products. They’re color changing shoes. When the sun hits them they become bright and bold which makes them so much fun to wear. On top of that, the company uses their profits towards climate restoration projects. So, one pair of shoes = ten planted trees. And their dyes are eco-friendly too? Yes, please. 

Title Nine

For the athletically minded traveler, Title Nine is where it’s at. Though I don’t plan on climbing any mountains like the badass in the photo to the right, these clothes will get you where you need to go. Not only will you look great, but you’ll be supported from head to toe. One of their jumpsuits is the first (and so far only) one I own and I love it. It doesn’t make me look like a kid trying to wear their parents’ clothes and it doesn’t make me a shapeless bag either. It’s fabulous. And, even if rock climbing isn’t my thing, I could probably go on a decent hike in that jumpsuit and look good doing it!

Shelby Reef

I’m forever in love with companies that give back and Shelby Reef is certainly no exception. Their colorful collections give back to help save shark populations all over the world. Contrary to what popular culture leads us to believe, sharks aren’t evil. They’re vital predators in oceanic ecosystems and they need our help! Shelby Reef’s gorgeous designs give credence to the vitality of the sharks’ cause and will hopefully encourage others to ask where you got your sweet threads. And so the philanthropic circle of life begins anew. 

Hakuna Swimwear

I never thought I’d be recommending swimwear to anyone. No matter my size I’ve never been comfortable in swimsuits for one reason or another. The biggest reason though, by far, is that two pieces never stay put. Thank the heavens for Hakuna Swimwear. I was already drawn to the company because of their name (hello “Lion King” obsession) but their swimsuits are divine. Not only do they stay in place, but they’re also flattering, well made and enchanting. Galaxy and hibiscus prints? Plus free domestic shipping? SOLD.

Vai Athletica 

It’s really hard to keep my cool over Vai Athletica. When I travel internationally or prepare for a long day of walking/hiking, sports bras are my very best friends. Vai Athletica has completely changed the game. Their sports bras are like cargo shorts for your boobs, they are amazing. With pockets and phone straps, you don’t have to worry about your stuff getting sweaty if you don’t have pockets. Not to mention the fact that their bras are beyond comfortable. No random itching from sweat, pressure discomfort or shoulder digging. I would live in my Vai Athletica bra if I could. Don’t settle for that weird lycra from Victoria’s Secret again, you deserve better. 


If you remember being in love with those stretchy plastic bracelets of the 80’s and 90’s, you’re going to fall in love with Espacio. Their noodle/candy bracelet-esque collections will have you flaunting all those bold colors. Their bracelets look fabulous on their own or in a group and you’ll be feeling all the nostalgia. Plus they are incredibly travel friendly and since they’re not metal they won’t be triggering any plating sensitivities. Don’t be afraid to treat yourself to these pieces of arm candy.

Unlike the other members of this list, sells a little bit of everything. So whether you need a tank just to staycation in, some funky stickers, mugs or keyrings, can help you out. Even their simple bralettes courtesy of Richer Poorer are fantastic and I say that as a previously firm non-believer in the bralette for myself as a D cup. Their products are all about positivity and joy, so how could I not be behind that?  


You can never go wrong with a Minnetonka shoe. Hands down. Though they require more special care than your average shoe, their footwear goes above and beyond in longevity. Their soft shoes also make excellent walking companions. I also wholeheartedly appreciate that they acknowledge their missteps in the past and a renewed sense of giving back to the Native communities. This Midwest born company has a special place in my heart and I’m excited to see where their journey takes them. 


Written by Amanda Finn

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