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14 Must Haves For Your Next Girls Trip


Whether you’re getting away to recharge, reconnect or just enjoy some time with your favorite people, SoulKu jewelry will be another of your best friends. These stones are not only gorgeous, but they call back to the Earth from which they came to bring you whatever it is you need. Courage? Happiness? Comfort? A simple, loving gesture to a loved one? SoulKu has got you. According to their founders, “The word ‘Ku’ in Japanese translates to ‘a place of infinite possibility.’ We like to think of our company as just that, ‘A place where, guided by our soul’s calling, anything is possible.’”


When it comes to breakfast, I’m either down to eat all my favorite morning dishes or a granola bar is all I can manage. When Bobo’s came along I fell in love and I fell hard. Bobo’s oat bars are filling, delicious and a better for you breakfast option. I’ll fight a person over the last lemon poppyseed or chocolate chip bars. And you would too if you knew how amazing these snacks are! Bring them along on your next girls weekend and you’ll be fending off your besties for the last one. 

Vionic Shoes

Even if you spend your girls trips drinking the days away at a winery, you want some cute shoes to bring along. Vionic has a variety of shoe options, but my personal favorite are their slip ons. I love packing slip on shoes in my luggage because they’re easy to pack and easy to slip into no matter where I am. Unlike other slip on shoes, however, Vionic shoes offer more support so you won’t be hobbling two hours into an adventure. #WorthIt


Look, I love white wine and its varietals. I love grabbing Winking Owl for a few bucks at Aldi. You know what I don’t love? Immediately turning red when I take a sip. Whether it’s a $4 or $40 I almost immediately turn red. The only time I don’t is when I use PureWine wands. These single use pieces of practical magic will make all of your wine drinking dreams come true. By removing sulfites and impurities the wands let you enjoy all the delicious wine without the not-so-delicious side effects. (Though if you drink too much they can’t necessarily protect you from a next morning hangover!) The only downside is that they can’t be used more than once, but I’m sure that permanence will happen in the future! 


As a glasses wearer, no matter where I go I have a few sets of glasses in tow. Keeping track of which cases have my regular glasses or prescription sunglasses is a pain. Boshku makes the whole process a breeze. This rollup glasses holder keeps all of your frames in one place, keeps them safe and you can even hang it up so you can grab your favorite pair in a hurry. The cases are all handmade with vegan leather and fold up into a compact hexagon. I adore my Boshku and my fellow glasses wearers or sunnies collectors will appreciate this packing essential. 

Mantra Mask

What’s a girls trip without face masks? Stereotypical? Yes. But in a COVID world, face masks have been my saving grace. And when I travel, with my schedule getting wonky, my skin always suffers. That’s where Mantra Mask comes in. Their CBD infused sheet masks feel amazing and my skin always feels refreshed afterwards. I don’t love mud masks because the cleanup is a pain, but Mantra Masks don’t even need to be washed off afterwards. Once you take the mask off you can rub all the CBD infused goodness into your skin. Keep them in the fridge for an extra, cooling ZING! 

BuzzPop Cocktails

Boozy popsicles?! Yes please. If you and your pals love dreamy cocktails on the beach or in the backyard, transport yourself to a summer somewhere with BuzzPop Cocktails. The yummy rummy Caribbean Breeze is my personal favorite. BuzzPop’s chilly cocktail treats are the perfect girls’ trip pick me up. They freeze quickly, are easily transported and a unique experience to share with some of your favorite people. 

Lark and Ives

Jewelry tangles. Two words that make me cringe and subsequently forget to pack jewelry on trips. I hate untangling jewelry or worrying that my absurd costume jewelry will break in my luggage. I’ve never found a jewelry organizer I loved until Lark and Ives came into the picture. Not only do their organizers come with minis too, they’re made or vegan leather and have separate areas for different kinds of jewelry. I adore my Lark and Ives organizers and the variety of sizes that I can easily tuck into a purse if I’m worried about rings or earrings getting misplaced in my larger bags. 

Cafe Agave 

I love, love, love, love spiked coffee. It’s one of my favorite wintertime drinks and I never found a decent cold alternative. Cafe Agave answered that call with a bunch of de-licious spiked cold brews! The mini cans are easily to pack into a portable cooler or insulated bag, they’re caffeinated and the four flavors are bound to make every coffee lover happy. The salted caramel is to die for and, if you love horchata, you’ll love the cinnamon variety. Drink on its own or mixed into a frappe, you can’t go wrong. 

Hero Cosmetics

Whenever I leave home for more than a day and my routine is interrupted, my skin always suffers. I’ve used hydrocolloid patches before to control breakouts, but none have worked better than Hero Cosmetics. Even though I’m nearly 30, even if I drink enough water on vacation and hold off on the oily food, I can breakout like a teenager. Not only do Hero Cosmetics’ patches camouflage better than other brands, they heal acne more quickly and stay put. I bring these everywhere I go and my girls trips are no exception. 

Cotton Citizen

I don’t know about you, but here in Chicago it’s finally my favorite kind of weather. Chilly weather is the best weather and it’s finally cool enough for me to breakout my trusty Cotton Citizen zip-up sweatshirt. Cotton Citizen gear is more expensive than much of the other things on this list, but they’re well worth it. The hand dyed clothing is made from organic California cotton, plus they’re so comfy. You can pair Cotton Citizen with pretty much anything and head out. Their sweatshirts are perfect for those campfire nights or even spending a rainy day wandering with your favorite people. 

MODA Brush

Remember makeup? I don’t think I’ve done a full face of makeup in months but I’d be remiss not to mention MŌDA Brush. They’re gorgeous, travel well and apply like a dream. If I’ve learned anything about makeup (not that I’m an expert) it’s that a good brush will work with you and not against you. Plus I’ve never had brushes that came clean as easily as these, so it doesn’t get much better than that. 


Just because I’m planning a trip with my girls doesn’t mean I don’t pack something nerdy. 90% of my wardrobe is fun prints and Disney. No one expects me to show up anywhere looking like Carrie Bradshaw, so I’m telling you to embrace your fun side. Svaha makes it easy to roll with geek chic. Want a dinosaur dress? An ensemble dedicated to the Mars rover? How about a dress with a DNA helix on it? They got you. Now I have to go check out their retro RBG dress (pictured here) because I saw it and need it.   

Roxanne Assoulin

With a tagline like “Jewelry that makes you smile,” how could you not love Roxanne Assoulin’s whimsical work? Her pieces practically scream grownup friendship bracelets and are perfect as girls’ trip arm candy. They’re easy to care for, charming and bright. Seeing Roxanne Assoulin’s bold work never fails to make me smile, as if we’re returning to childhood for just a moment to trade bracelets with our bestie. 


Written by Amanda Finn

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