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    Why You Should Consider Going on an African Safari

    The Great Migration that takes place each year between the Maasai Mara in Kenya and Tanzania’s Serengeti is arguably the most significant natural event that occurs on this planet. According to Africa.com, millions of Wildebeest, Zebra, and Gazelle migrate between Tanzania and Kenya.  The Great Migration is one of the world’s most popular events. Searching […] More

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    Improving at Astro Photography: My First Attempt’s an Epic Failure

    A Pineapple Express was dumping rain and clouds over Western Washington. Still, I desperately wanted to try my hand at Astro Photography. If I wanted to try it, I had two options. Wait for my next camping trip or pull an all-nighter and bear through a sleepless next day. I’ve always loved all things outer […] More

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    Self and Soul

    Life is busy and hard. It’s far too easy to waste your time staring at social media or binging the latest Netflix series. Isn’t it time to do something that makes life a bit more exciting? We’re adding a new category where we will submit stories about the skills we’re actively working on. Whether it’s […] More

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    Intro to Travel Writing 101

    Sojournlist was designed for both the introductory writer as well as the experienced. We are by no means the final word or experts in the field, but we have some insights that perhaps others do not. I’ve gained the following knowledge from my experience in photojournalism. I started out as a photojournalist in the military, […] More

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    7 Gifts a Traveller Will Actually Love

    Every list of travel must-haves includes sleeping masks, feet hammocks and compression socks. This isn’t one of those lists. Do you want to make the constant traveler in your life feel really special? Give them something that will soothe their tired soul at home or abroad. Scala Wool Cloche-Claire in denim, $42 at tenthstreethats.com. 1. Tenth Street […] More

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    SquatchFest 2020 in Longview, Washington

    One of my favorite movies growing up was Harry and the Henderson’s. I always wanted a pet Big Foot. When our family goes hiking, camping, or even on road-trips, I encourage the kids to “look for bigfoot.” My husband always rolls his eyes but plays along. He can be a hater, and that’s okay. I […] More