4 Signs You’re A True Floridian

For many, Florida is nothing more than a tourist spot and retiree resting place. While the adventures of Florida Man have enchanted many throughout the USA and, in fact, the world, there are a few things only a born and raised Floridian will understand the most. Here’s Flora with the Top 4 Signs that You’re a True Floridian.

1. Hurricanes Are NBD

If you are new to living in Florida, your first hurricane will certainly be a scary experience. And while these beasts of nature are definitely destructive, dangerous, and absolutely nothing to scoff at, a born-in Floridian knows the ropes from the time they’re two. While others may flee the state (and rightfully so if they are in a mandatory evacuation zone), you’ll often catch Florida Man and Florida Woman sipping margaritas with their friends while playing board games and taking bets on when the lights are going to go out. While “Hurricane Parties” have been mocked by some for being insensitive, Floridians know that the best way to ride out the storm is with friends and family.

2. You Own Many Tank Tops, And One Sweater

While some may have a box of jackets and snow boots prepared for vacations up north, Floridians know that our lovely state has its own set of seasons apart from the rest of America. Summer, Rainy Season, second Summer, Mosquito Season, and Hurricane Season often intermingle among that one week of Fall that occurs sometime between late November and early January. Yes, these are the seasons of the Sunshine State.

3. You Know Where Your Personal Margaritaville Is

Tastes vary for every Floridian. If you stick around long enough, you will come to learn that we’re not all about suntans, beach bums and fishing off the pier, although all of that is pretty great. If you fancy a piece of the wildlife, our beautiful wetlands are where you want to be. Florida is even home to a countryside, vibrant city life, calm clear skies and suburban family dreams. Wherever your happy place is, you can find it in Florida.

4. You ARE Florida Man (Or Florida Woman)

“Florida Man Doesn’t Get Straw, Attacks McDonald’s Employee.” “Florida Man Intentionally Drove Ferrari 360 Into Ocean At Top Speed.” “Florida Man Finds a WWII Grenade, Places It in His Truck, Drives to Taco Bell.” These are barely a fraction of the kind of crazy mishaps the legendary Florida Man finds himself in every single day. And if you have been here long enough, you will eventually find yourself doing something you thought you would never find yourself doing. Maybe its something in the water or a bit too much in the air, but Florida Men and Women are a force to be reckoned with. If you’ve ever caught yourself doing something that could only properly be described with “Florida Man” at the start of it, Congratulations! You ARE the Florida Man!


Written by Marilyn Belrose

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