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4 Signs You’re A True Floridian

For many, Florida is nothing more than a tourist spot and retiree resting place. While the adventures of Florida Man have enchanted many throughout the USA and, in fact, the world, there are a few things only a born and raised Floridian will understand the most. Here’s Flora with the Top 4 Signs that You’re More

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The Wild Drive at Northwest Trek

We have been going to NW Trek for the past 6 years. Four of those years we had memberships and went ALL of the time. It was even the first place we took our girls when they were babies and we needed out of the house. To say that this place is special to us, More

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Telephone of the Wind in Olympia, Washington

A Rotary Telephone to Help People Mourning the Loss of a Loved One. Today, we found out some friends of ours lost their four-year-old daughter Joelle “Ellie” Sylvester to a virus. It crushed me. I have a four-year-old daughter. They played together, sang Frozen songs on a microphone, just a few weeks ago. I cannot More

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SquatchFest 2020 in Longview, Washington

One of my favorite movies growing up was Harry and the Henderson’s. I always wanted a pet Big Foot. When our family goes hiking, camping, or even on road-trips, I encourage the kids to “look for bigfoot.” My husband always rolls his eyes but plays along. He can be a hater, and that’s okay. I More

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