“The best marketing strategy ever: CARE.”

-Gary Vaynerchuk

“Our job is to make change. Our job is to connect to people, to interact with them in a way that leaves them better than we found them.”

-Seth Godin

“You can never go wrong by investing in communities and the human beings within them.”

-Pam Moore

“Advertising brings in customers, but word-of-mouth brings in the best customers.”

-Jonah Berger

“People spend money when and where they feel good.”

-Walt Disney

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People go on vacations to feel good. They also buy expensive organic dog food without knowing the first thing about whether or not their dog actually likes it. They buy it because they feel like they are taking care of an animal they love.  How do they feel about your print advertisements? How do they feel about your digital banner ads? Hint: They don’t care. Why? You don’t care about them. You care about their money, sure, but not them. 

We deliver 75 percent of our advertising revenue directly to our writers. How do you think they’d feel to find out you invested in their work? Happy, excited, or proud probably. What do people who are happy, excited, and proud do?

They talk about it, and when they talk about it, they’ll talk about you.

Instead of investing in some billion dollar corporation, maybe it’s time to invest in your community and the individuals that live in them. 

Are we missing content about your area? Let us know, and we’ll find writers local to your destination. We’re here to help you keep your advertising budget local to you


  1. First, We are a small team, so in an effort to save time, streamline, and reduce costs, we allow our contributors to reach out and sell their own ad space.
  2. By selling it for a year, they can spend significantly less time pitching to people and more time writing content.
  3. You, the advertiser, are able to update your banner ads throughout the year and track views and clicks through our ad server that is integrated with Google Analytics. 
  4. By spending less time dealing with ad salesman, you can spend more time promoting and operating your business or destination.
  1. Ultimately, we have the same goal. We want to promote your business or destination. Albeit, the primary difference is we want to make money from you, and you want to make money from customers. This means we both need customers, so let’s work together.
  2. You can provide trade in lieu of cash. Provide us with tickets to events, shows, museums, gift cards, nights at a hotel, travel-related products, and we along with the writer will use that trade to promote engagement within and outside of the site. 
  3. By sharing the trade with the writer, they can positively interact with consumers, and acquire more followers, which leads to more customers for the both of us.
  4. To promote this, We’ll provide a 2 for 1 advertising credit. For each dollar in trade given, You’ll receive two dollars in credit to use any way you want.
  1. You’ve noticed the green button that follows you around the site that says, “Add to Bucket.” that is our bucket list.
  2. Why a bucket list? Advertising works best when its contextual and the consumer is actively interested. How interested are they in your banner ads when they scroll across their other social media feeds where they are more concerned with cat memes and bickering?
  3. The bucket list links to the profiles and to our gamification system.
  4. Members of the site can either manually add things they want to do and see or they can add an entire blog post like a product to a shopping cart.
  5. The bucket list is attached to the member profiles, and links to all the related activities.
  6. If a member adds Washington State, it will provide all the activities in Washington State. If they list Art Museums. It will link to all the museums in Washington State, then scale outwards.
  7. This means that the member has actively expressed interest in visiting or participating in an activity.
  8. We can select all the members from the back end of our site based on what they’ve added to their bucket list and message them travel guides, coupons, or anything else.
  9. We can break it down by profile information, points earned, and badges. So we know if a member accomplishes their goals more often than not, and we can use that to be choosy in who we present trade with.
  10. You can use that same points system to determine how active a writer is in engaging with their readers which may help you find new writers to cover your destination.
  11. We provide this service in conjunction with ad purchases, or you can request a specific message to go out, either internally or externally, preferably paying in trade.
  12. Eventually, we’ll use the points and trade as a means to raise money for various charitable activities.

Upcoming Print Pricing List

Our Products

Ever heard of “The Ellen Effect?” We’ll take the entire haul of advertising revenue for the magazine, less printing and distribution costs and split 75 percent of the remainder among the ten selected writers. This would result in a life changing amount of money for a single article. 

There’s more to it than that. Inquire for more details. 10% down required, 75% required 45-days prior to first printing, remaining 15% payable within 30-days of release. 

Contact Us


Corey Dembeck, Founder - Corey@Sojournlist.com

Heather Dembeck, Marketing - Heather@Sojournlist.com

Abel Trevino, Editor-in-chief - Abel@Sojournlist.com

Rebecca BRockhaus, Associate Editor - Editor@sojournlist.com

  • It takes time to build the sites, and we are a small team. Therefore we make them for individuals that submit content on our primary sind may occasionally ask to cte, or for individuals with unique stories to tell. They do not need to be travel related. We do not claim ownership of any of your work. You are free to export the entire site or individual blogs at anytime. We however ask to keep a footer image thanking you for partnering with us. We also ask to occasionally cross post your content on Sojournlist.com or Sojournfam.com or on our various social media channels. We will inform you when we do so, and you have editorial privilege concerning social media posts related to your work. You are free to place your own affiliate links. We can set that up for you, if you want. If you want to run ads, we can run implement that for you and will receive 75 percent of the revenue.

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