“Because I Got Hit By Flying Mexican Food” El Mezcal in Columbus, Nebraska

“I think I felt cayenne pepper slap my nostrils as the back of my tongue went into firefighter mode.” That’s what he mumbled after completely dousing his entire taco with half of a bottle of the red hot sauce.

We all like hot sauces but this one had snuck up on him. I’m not sure I’ve ever laughed as hard. We pulled ourselves together to politely answer the waitress as she asked if everything was okay. This particular El Mezcal waitress deserves a raise. And I mean a big one. Let me tell you why.



First, both the host and the waitress were at our table within 2 minutes. I’m still not sure whether the host got our order up to the cook before the waitress or if she beat him there. Because they both were at our table before our bodies had completely settled into the booth.

Either way, it was just about instantaneous. She brought out our drinks and THOSE CHIPS with THAT SALSA. Yes, you know what I mean. I swear there’s some sort of special ingredient in those chips.

It had been a long day and we must have looked like children who were visiting a swimming pool for the first time, diving quickly into those chips and salsa.


Within moments our steaming hot burritos and tacos had arrived covered in the white cheese as we requested.

We’ve been here before and I may be addicted to the white cheese. Don’t judge me, everyone loves cheese. Well, nearly almost everyone. Let me pause for just a second to say that the name is not a lie when you order the Burrito Gigante. Three people could split it and it would probably be enough.


Hot Hot Hot!

The waitress came again to check on us as our mouths were stuffed with food. I think they do that on purpose just see if we’ll talk with our mouths full. I can’t even tell you what she said because we were so enveloped in the deliciousness.

It was shortly after this that my son had decided to generously apply that red sauce to his taco. The waitress kindly came again to ask if we needed more water. She smiled but somehow managed to contain her laughter as she topped off our drinks. Mind you, my son sounded like he was practicing Lamaze in whisper mode.


Closing Time

Speaking of whispering, we had realized that even though closing time was rapidly approaching, the waitress didn’t whisper once about us needing to hurry. Nevertheless, she was there with a take-home box and our ticket just as we finished. We had stumbled in just before closing and I don’t regret it one bit. Because it was the best service we’d had in quite a while.

So the next time you’re in Columbus, Nebraska, swing into El Mezcal beside the big Walmart. Ask for the Burrito Gigante with white cheese (queso) and maybe go easy on the red hot sauce.


Written by Rebecca Brockhaus

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