Community over Competition: Gig Harbor Night Market

The Gig Harbor Night Market is located at 7 Seas Brewing. It is the first Saturday of each month from 4-9. We visited the market on February 1st, and the next one scheduled is March 7th. The event is open to all ages. There are vendors, beer, music, food, art, and delicious treats.

7 Seas Brewing is the perfect place for this pop-up market. Parking was easy, there was plenty of room, and the food and drinks are always great. The energy both inside and out was electric. Everyone was having a great time, and the community support was overwhelming. We spoke to almost all the vendors. We learned the story behind their companies and what drives them to keep going.

One of the things that I kept seeing over and over again was how everyone wanted to give back. They want to do better. They are using ethical products, re-using and re-purposing supplies, and most of them were donating partial proceeds to a cause of their choice. They invited their friends, co-workers, and children to the event. Everyone was having a great time!  

Personal connections are important to me. They mean a lot more than walking into a box store and just being another customer. I learned the story about the mom who couldn’t be there because she was expecting her second baby. I learned how one vendor finds all her items to re-purpose. I learned why the photographer started selling his beautiful prints and what his former career was. Have you had the pickles? Did they tell you their canning process and how long they must sit to be just right? I learned so much that night by saying hello and having a conversation. I followed the small businesses on social media and will gladly recommend them to others. 

If you, too, want to help make a difference, support your community, and buy locally- I strongly encourage you to visit a Night Market.

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