Controlling the Narrative: A Musicians Journey While in Isolation

For those who are staying at home to flatten the curve to defeat Covid-19, are you showing symptoms of cabin fever? I get it. We’re cooped up, and our pets are beginning to think we’ve gone mad, but it’s better than the other fever that leans towards Corona, right? 

We are anxious. We are scared. We are angry. We are stressed. We are feeling a lot of emotions at the moment. It’s quite overwhelming. We are all responding to this situation in various ways, and for our own mental health, we must try to be our best and control the narrative. Control your own environment even when you have lost your job.

Ramzi Beshara has done just this who has decided to create his own wave during his quarantine time. With China losing over five-million jobs, in the US, the numbers are growing as 14-million jobs are at risk due to mandated shutdowns for those who are in hospitality and leisure. 

“I created the brand guidelines, wireframes, high fidelity designs for desktop, tablet, and mobile along with final file preparation for development.”, says Beshara, a user interface designer. “I’ve been doing this for about 13 years now, but recently got laid off.” 

Getting laid off just before a global pandemic is not ideal and leaves many wondering where the next step is? “Work opportunities have always fallen in my lap, from one job to the next. Not to say, I haven’t worked hard. It’s the working-hard part that’s allowed me those opportunities. But this lay-off was unexpected, and I wasn’t prepared. As we all know, with the Coronavirus crisis, it’s become even more difficult to find a job. So I’m struggling with the rest of society.”, says Ramzi, a musician who has come up with a creative idea to bring income till his next UI design project. 


“My fiancé, Ashley Cid, and I decided during our time in isolation to write a song about the fruit, clementines! She wrote the lyrics, and I wrote the song. I recorded and sang with her singing all the backup harmonies. And then a lightbulb popped over my head. Why don’t I offer a songwriting service? Where, if you have lyrics or a poem, or you want to surprise someone with a song for a special occasion, I can take those words and write a song for you.”, says Beshara. “It’s not a revolutionary idea or anything. Tons of people have done it, but it’ll be a new experience for me to write based on words given to me. It’s really exciting.” 

“You’re giving me something to actually look forward to.” commented one of his recent clients. That’s something people need right now

“Dear Los Angeles,” By Ramzi Beshara & Jacob Calle​

Being a long time fan of Ramzi Beshara’s musical work for nearly two decades, who now plays in an Oi punk band called Liberty and Justice and also fronts an indie pop-rock band named Fun Haunts. I felt that this would be an excellent opportunity to work with Ramzi and join a one-song band and perhaps call it… Pandemic Dreams? After a quick conversation, I grabbed a notepad. I jotted some words about a time I visited The Magic Castle’s Haunted Piano in Los Angeles while on a date. With a $30 fee, I was more than happy to pay Ramzi for his service. I must say “Dear Los Angeles” came out quite lovely and also looking forward to hearing what other songs he writes during his quarantine. Before Ramzi began the writing process, his only question was chill or rock. Knowing the song would be a sappy love song, why double down on sadness when you can make a great pop song! Something that can pull you down to the ground, but lift you to the sky. 

In the meantime, if you are stuck in your home, go on a mental vacation. Go somewhere beautiful in your mind. Focus on the things that you can control by staying positive. Work on social distancing, being creative, and, more importantly, being kind. No need to watch Netflix’s entire catalogue, but instead use this time to grow and become the you that you want to be. Stay healthy. Stay beautiful. And most importantly, stay you!

To contact Ramzi Beshara for his service, contact him on Instagram, and while you’re on Instagram, be sure to drop by Mark Duplass‘ 7 part series of “CORONA: The Musical.” Yes, we’re all losing our minds, so let’s have fun with it!


Written by Robert Laurence

Prolific Big Foot Hunter, Magic Maker, and Vanilla Malt Maker.

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