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Coronavirus or Not: 5 Packable Items to Keep You Healthy

With Coronavirus making its rounds around the world, travelers far and wide are looking for ways to keep themselves healthy. Whether you’re flying for business or taking a break from reality, there are plenty of ways to protect yourself from whatever ailments are out there. Now or in the future it’s always important to put your health first when traveling and these things can help you do just that. 

1. Supplements from Vitafusion

I love Vitafusion. They’ve been my go-to vitamin gummy fix for years. Now they’ve got a fantastic Melatonin ($9.99) product that can help with those not-in-my-own-bed sleepless nights and jetlag hangovers too! 

These gummies are non-addictive and don’t leave you waking up groggy as some other sleep aids do. 

While you’re at it, stock up on Vitafusion vitamin C gummies ($12) too. You should always be helping your immune system be at its best, but bringing these little boosters along on your next adventure will help make sure you have a great trip!

2. Guru Nanda's Natural Mist Pluggy

Traveling with essential oils is relatively simple, but traveling with a diffuser is not.  That is until Guru Nanda’s SUPER travel-friendly Pluggy ($14.99) came onto the scene. This little USB compatible plug-in oil diffuser is not only compact enough for the smallest of carry-ons, but it’s also waterless! Just stick your favorite essential oil in the diffuser and inhale. Worried about sleepless nights? Bring along that Lavender. Afraid of catching something? Plug-in that Thieves oil! End up in a stinky room? Orange oil to the rescue!

3. Body Glide

Okay, this one isn’t really inner health-focused so much as skin focused. For me, travel almost always results in some kind of blister or friction rash. So Body Glide ($4.99+) in its many varieties is my hero.

Whether it’s the Foot Glide to protect my feet, Outdoor to protect my bare shoulders from backpack rash or the original Body Glide for whatever, this lives in every one of my travel bags. That way I won’t forget it on the counter, in the bathroom or in one of my random bags around the house. 

Plus, if you’re a frugal carry-on bringer like me, most of the products are solids and don’t need to live in your liquids bag.

4. Four: PATCH Bandages

I’m the clumsiest person I know. So when I’m packing I always make sure to pack at least a few cut and abrasion fixers. I don’t love bandages largely because of the waste they involve (also because they’re itchy.) 

But PATCH ($8.99)? These are biodegradable bandages! They can include different oils to help with wound care like coconut oil or aloe vera. There is also an activated charcoal variety as well as just a standard bandage. 

These bamboo-derived bandages aren’t itchy, they’re latex-free and they’re just fantastic. I personally prefer the kid’s pack because they’re covered in pandas. Who wouldn’t want to look down and see cute pandas staring back at them? 

5. Soap Sheets

One of my biggest travel concerns is whether or not soap will be available in bathrooms. 

Whether you’re wandering through public parks or running into a cafe to use the bathroom, there won’t always be soap. Hand sanitizer can help for sure, but it’s also drying. It’s always good to have both on hand to cover your bases, but tests often prove that hand washing is superior to hand sanitizing. 

Soap sheets ($6.59) are great for that exact reason! They’re highly portable, dissolve quickly and often come in multi-packs so you can have one in each of your travel bags. 

Even if you plan to just take staycations for a while until Coronavirus goes away, these are still some great steps to making sure your trips are healthy ones. Always take precautions while traveling anywhere in the world, even if you’re just going to the next town over. Germs are everywhere and being out of your routine will leave you susceptible to catching whatever is out there. 

So pack up, pack smart and pack healthfully!


Written by Amanda Finn

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