Fifteen Staycation Must-Haves

Summer 2020 isn’t panning out as any of us would have expected on New Years’ Eve. We aren’t jet setting around the world or lounging Bahamian beaches, but that doesn’t mean the summer has to be a waste! Staycation is, rightfully, all the rage right now in the States and we have a round-up of must-haves to transform your home into the staycation of your dreams! Whether you love sipping cocktails by the pool or relaxing with your favorite tea, we got you covered.  



Remember the inflatable pools of our childhood? They got a glow-up. Minnidip pools ($45+) are the answer to your sweltering summer afternoons. They’re perfect for you and your pandemic quarantine pals or even your favorite pup. Need an inflatable drink cooler to go along with your new luxe pool life? Minnidip has those too. Beach balls? You betcha! Just because the public pool is out for the season doesn’t mean you’re hung out to dry. Relive those childhood summers, you deserve it. 


HandsOn Gloves

Staycationing with your favorite furry friend? Don’t let them miss out on the self-care and relaxation! With HandsOn Gloves ($25+) you can indulge your fur babies with their very own massage. The grips on the gloves gently remove loose fur/hair while your buddy gets a luxurious rubdown. Even my skittish bunny rabbits don’t mind a nice back rub with the HandsOn Gloves. It makes them happy and keeps that floaty hair at bay which, if you’re an allergy sufferer like I am, is a Godsend when you’re stuck inside. 


MakeBox + Co.

Staying in my condo all the time has made me very aware of time passing. When quarantine began I filled much of my time with coloring, sending letters and binge playing “Animal Crossing.” But now, I’m bored out of my mind. The very idea of a staycation isn’t remotely exciting and I’m sure I’m not alone in that sentiment. Which is why MakeBox + Co. (£24.99+) is the perfect solution. Every month the team at MakeBox has a new craft to send to you with easy to use instructions and the opportunity to try something new. For me, that new thing is cross stitching! Their first box from April 2019, The Bee Kind Box, is a simple way to pay homage to our fuzzy pollinating friends. You can also find boxes for watercolor painting, paper flowers, weaving, and even airdry clay projects. A staycation can be as crafty as you want it to be! 


Skin Authority

Quarantine (and quarantine snacks!) have been cruel to my skin. Any staycation I take must include these bubble masks from Skinauthority ($15.99) even though they make me look like an off-brand Michelin Man. These biodegradable, natural charcoal masks penetrate deep into your skin to leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. All it takes is seven minutes and you’ll know why their cheeky hashtag is so on-point. I know I #lovethissheet. 


Lola’s Apothecary


Spa products from Lola’s Apothecary (£12.00+) are so gorgeous they should be considered art. When you spy their luxurious body and massage oils for the first time, you won’t want to open them. Once you open them, however, you’ll never want to put them back down. That goes for their entire selection of spa products. Every moment with something from Lola’s will leave you feeling like royalty. Massage oils to melt your stress away, body souffle to indulge your skin and delectable tea to soothe your soul. Your home can become as pampering as your favorite spa. You may fall so deeply in love you won’t want your staycation to end. 


Giften Market

Curate your own staycation experience with a gift box from Giften Market ($20.) They offer anything and everything you could want for homebound downtime. Gourmet sweets, cocktail kits, and home spa therapies? Giften Market has all of that in spades. Missing out on that island time? They’ll transport you back on the sandy beaches of Hawaii with Aloha Love facial cleanser. When all you’re smelling is hibiscus you’ll forget you’re still sitting stateside.


Living Tree Candles



You need the atmosphere to bring your tropical staycation paradise home and Living Tree Candles ($34.95+) will deliver just that. Although these aren’t drinkable tropical beverages, these delightful candles will transport you right back to your favorite holiday hideaway. Light one of these colorful creations and you’ll have up to 120 hours of one of your favorite aromas wafting through your home. Raise a glass (or two) to making your home your oasis. 



The Napping Bunny


Sometimes the best part of slowing down for a nice staycation is reorganizing your life. I know I love taking advantage of the downtime to meticulously go through my life and ask myself, again, why I keep so many papers. That is precisely why The Napping Bunny ($1.25+) is included in this list. From fun stickers to zhuzh up your planner to precious clips like the one featuring Tin Tin the bunny, The Napping Bunny is a go-to for any planner/organizer buff. If you reinvigorate your joy through sorting and planning, The Napping Bunny has the cute goods to keep you going beyond your staycation. 


Sam & Lance 

Wellness, Earth-friendly, and philanthropy find a balance together in the Care Crates by Sam & Lance ($50+.) Their curated gift boxes go above and beyond the normal call of duty. Each box is tailored to a specific niche to satisfy your time at home, but they also donate a care crate to a frontline health worker for each crate purchased. These boxes are not just a practice in self-care, they’re a practice in community heart. Get your wellness journey going knowing that you are bringing joy into the lives of folks who need and deserve it in this difficult time. 


RED Chocolate

The Swiss-owned RED Chocolate ($9.99+) made its way to the U.S. last year and it means business. With up to 50% fewer calories than the average chocolate without sacrificing taste, RED is the perfect staycation companion. All of the indulgent sweet treat satisfaction with none of the vacation binging guilt. Some varieties of RED are even dairy-free (you wouldn’t know it!)


Pretty Paper Club


While you’re relaxing at home you might find yourself jotting down more ideas than usual or wanting to send some snail mail to a loved one. If you subscribe to Pretty Paper Club ($20+) you can elevate your stationary game. Get some personalized goodies with different themes every month. Who says you can’t send mail from your staycation? You don’t need to be a world away to remind someone you’re thinking about them. Make that message a little extra special with stationary made just for you. 


Caveman Coffee Company 



Don’t let the name fool you, there’s nothing Stone Age about Caveman Coffee Company ($12+) coffee. Their nitro cold brew and vanilla latte will add an extra kick to your staycation. Are you an all-day iced coffee sipper? These coffee varieties will keep you buzzing day and night. Want to keep your iced coffee cold without watering it down? Try freezing some of your cold brew in an ice tray and add that to your pick-me-up. 


Guru Nanda

Bring some color-changing bliss into your home sanctuary. Embrace your at-home spa experience with a honeycomb essential oil diffuser from Guru Nanda ($19.99.) You can keep the lights changing color or turn them off altogether for a more soothing experience. If the AC is messing with your sinuses add some tea tree oil to your diffuser to open up your nasal passages and give yourself some well-earned relief. Or use some orange oil for a citrusy escape. No matter what you’ll be smelling heaven.



While you’re focused on wellness, don’t forget to be good to your muscles too. Crossrope ($99+) makes fitness at home a breeze. The weighted jump ropes are the perfect way to stay lean in between chill sessions. Different varieties of weighted ropes are interchangeable with the sleek handles. There are weights for weight loss or bulking up. Crossrope can make your home gym goals a simple reality. 


Simple Mills

There’s nothing  wrong with a snackcation. If your idea of a great, relaxing break is full of yummy food, Simple Mills is the ideal solution. Without artificial ingredients, Simple Mills ($4.99+) seeks to make good and whole food. Crackers, brownies, pita chips, baked breakfast bars, and even cookies are on the menu. Their foods are packed with nutrition and nothing you can’t pronounce. So, not to worry, snack away!


Written by Amanda Finn

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