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Getting Away To Seabrook, Washington

Emily Adams

Emily Adams

When we drove into Seabrook, Washington, I thought I was driving right into Magnolia Homes or a city designed by Joanna Gaines herself. The architecture and craftsmanship of the town screamed modern cottage meets coastal simplicity. The colors and design of each street and collective of homes played off each other in a fresh and fun way. You can tell driving down the main drag in town that Seabrook’s builders and designers had a master plan. The town is filled with blooming small businesses and privately owned homes that are rented out to families and provide them a feeling of stepping into their home away from home.

Getting Familiar With Seabrook

Seabrook Cottage Rentals is your main stop as you head into town. Many of the homes can be rented through AIRBNB, VRBO, Homeaway, etc- but Seabrook Cottage Rentals is your contact while in town. In the office area, you are welcomed with bright smiles that set the tone for your visit. We were set to stay in the Farm District, which is an area further away from town. As a parent of four young kids, that initially made me a little nervous, but this was actually the perfect place to stay. I would recommend it to anyone traveling with kids! The Farm District has a full park with a zip-line, a horse barn and open field, dog parks, basketball, tennis, and pickle ball courts, and outdoor fire pits on every street.

Once we got into town, we quickly realized that most families traveled by bike, skateboard, scooter, or walking while pushing strollers or bringing along their dogs on leash. Most leave their cars parked in the driveway and welcome the simplicity of walking to town for a latte and riding a cruiser bike to the beach instead of opting to start up the car. My nine-year old was thrilled when I offered him to race me back from town to the house on his scooter — it took him less than five minutes! The entire town feels like you’re in a safe bubble where everyone is a neighbor and your safety or security is never second guessed. 

Where to Stay – Your Home Away From Home    

We stayed in one of Seabrook’s beautiful and thought-out cottage rentals called Miss B Haven. Each house in Seabrook has its own name with either a coastal flair to it or a significance resembling the history of the home or the family. Miss B Haven’s deep-green color and clean, white trim was warm and inviting. The charm continued as we stepped inside and got comfortable unloading and getting familiar with the 3 bed / 2 bath (and pet friendly!) house we called home for a few days. 

I should mention that my sister-in-law and I made this a girls’ trip with SIX boys between the two of us! Miss B Haven was big enough to comfortably fit two mamas, three big boys, and three younger toddler/infants in three Pack N’ Plays spread throughout the upstairs. You could easily fit two families or three couples depending on who you’d be traveling with. 

One of the things that caught our attention the most was that we literally did not have to worry about forgetting anything. Each bathroom was stocked with full size soaps and baskets full of everything you could possibly need. The full chef’s kitchen was designed to the nines and had high-quality items that made two moms traveling with six kids still feel fancy and put together! We were welcomed with a basket of wine, s’mores makings on the kitchen counter, and a running hot tub when we pulled into the driveway.

Dogs on leash are always welcome in Seabrook. Miss B Haven had a fully fenced yard and amenities even waiting for our dog in the hall closet! Thoughtfulness and attention to detail were obviously poured into this home. Each corner was dialed-in with significant details to make your trip easier: a bench full of hunter boots of all sizes ready for the beach, a basket of sandals waiting by the front door, a washer and dryer with fully stocked detergent, and even warm towels awaiting our arrival.

Beyond that, Miss B Haven’s design screamed coastal farmhouse and perfectly displayed the beachside Farm District. In my opinion, the owner set a high bar for rentals. It will be hard to lower my standards from here on out while traveling solo with the kids!

Every home in Seabrook managed by Seabrook Cottage Rentals is held to the same level of hospitality and charm. Again, we are partial to the Farm District now that we know the area, but I would be confident in saying you’d be happy and comfortable at most places in Seabrook.

What Is There To Do In Seabrook?

Play. Discover. Read. Drink. Dine. Hike. Swim. Mostly, just relax and hit the beach!

First things first, you could spend an entire afternoon just walking around Seabrook people-watching and soaking in the architecture and charm of the town. The town hall, small shops, indoor heated pool and hot tub, and beach are all within walking distance of each other. Everyone in town is friendly and willing to share their favorite places to explore. We put together a few of the best places we found by either stumbling across them on a walk through town or by asking a local small business owner for their favorite adventure spots.

  1. Start your morning by loading up the kids in the stroller for hot cocoa and coffee at Red Velvet Bakery by the Sea. Their daily house made cinnamon rolls are not only to die for, but also big enough to share!
  2. Plop down with your toddler or young reader in Joie Des Livres book store and snuggle into one of their reading nooks. They have books, puzzles, toys, and more for kids of all ages — and adults too!
  3. Swim and play in Seabrook’s indoor heated pool or hot tub located in town. Their hours are long, which make early morning swims or late night visits before bed manageable!
  4. Grab a snack or local bottle of wine from Seabrook’s Front Street Market. This bodega stays open later than the restaurants and shops, so you can grab a late-night treat if you forgot one earlier in the day.
  5. Hike through Seabrook’s Gnome Trail. This is less of a hike and more of a nature walk. Build your own Gnome home out of sticks, shells, and other pieces of nature to add to the collection found in the forest.
  6. Visit the “Big Stump”, located right before the entrance of the Gnome Trail. Climb inside with a book or take advantage of this great photo opportunity!
  7. Rent bikes, trailers, surfboards, wet suits, paddle boards, and more at Buck’s Bikes in town. Try your hand at skim boarding right outside their shop before renting one and heading down to the beach.
  8. Stop in for pizza at Frontager’s Pizza Co., also located in town, or call-in to takeout one of their Stromboli specialties! They close earlier than you might imagine, so if you’re hoping to score takeout, call at least an hour before they close!
  9. Walk through the Farm District and play at Seabrook’s local park. Zip-line, slides, swings, and more are right around the corner from a basketball court if you need to burn off some steam. They even have a bucket swing for babies too!
  10. Cozy up by one of Seabrook’s outdoor fire pits and roast s’mores and enjoy a glass of wine while the sun goes down.
  11. Pack a lunch or swing by a food truck in town and head to the BEACH!

Seabrook Welcomes You To The Beach

Seabrook’s picturesque town is a vacation to surely add to your bucket list. But let’s be honest, we drove out this way for the sprawling beach on the Washington Coast. We spent hours playing in the sand, chasing the waves, building sandcastles, enjoying snacks by the water, and walking around enjoying the views of the beach. You could spend an entire day down by the water. In the summer months, the weather is perfect for swimming — almost all of our kids went for a swim in the ocean. 

There are three ways that we found to access the beach from Seabrook. Two towering staircases (pro-tip: bring a buddy to haul your belongings!) and one hike down past the Gnome Trail. The hike is about a 10-minute walk down to the water. We don’t recommend bringing a stroller or a wagon. Pack your belongings on your back and haul down the hill to the beach. 

We were thrilled with our July 4th-week in Seabrook this year. It was a first time for us and, because of our great experience, we will definitely be back in town — next time with Dad along for the ride! Throughout the summer months, Seabrook hosts summer markets and events on the weekends. You can find more details on their summer shenanigans through Seabrook’s Website or on Instagram. 


Written by Emily Adams

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