Gift Guide: Find Something For Every Dad

There is no doubt this Father’s Day is unlike any other. We’re mostly stuck indoors and unable to gather in large groups, but there’s no reason Dad shouldn’t feel special on his day. And just like there are no two Dads that are the same, their gifts aren’t the same either. 

From new dads to doggie papas we’ve got something for everyone in this curated list!

To happy dads!

Goodies for new dads

AWAKE Chocolates

A midday pick-me-up or a morning snack, AWAKE chocolates are a new dad’s new best friend.  The chocolate bites pack a 50 mg caffeine burst, the same content as a half cup of coffee, and will certainly add a little pep to your step. My personal favorites are the milk and caramel chocolates but there are also mint and dark chocolate varieties too. Plus the chocolate bites are only 80 calories each which means these little treats are perfect for any dads keeping their dad bods in check. Indulge your sweet tooth while holding that sweet little bundle of joy without the worry of spilling your coffee! ($19.99+)

Stojo Cups

My Stojo cup goes everywhere with me when I’m traveling and for good reason! These handy little cups, thermoses and bottles are fully collapsible! For a new dad, these can be a Godsend! After you’re done drinking your 4th cup of coffee or enjoying a refreshing bottle of water (don’t forget to stay hydrated!) you can easily stow the cup away in the diaper bag. Plus Stojo products are dishwasher friendly and leak-proof! Which, I can’t promise the same for baby bottles. ($15+)

For the fancy fathers


Reclamation Etchworks



Got a dad that’s more Don Draper than Tim “The Toolman” Taylor? He’s sure to love anything from Reclamation Etchworks’ collections of decanters. From bitters to dad’s aged bourbon, they’ve got something for every kind of cocktail connoisseur. They bolster a goal of creating products that last a lifetime and, if you’ve been to an antique store, you know decanters are dedicated pieces. Check out their 1920’s Art Deco styles if you want to relive the glamor of the ‘20s in our current ‘20s. ($39+)


Plank exercises are boring. (Sorry, not sorry.) But with Stealth those boring minutes that can feel like days are suddenly exciting! With a little shelf for your phone, Stealth encourages you to use your workout time as game time! Your Stealth platform swivels and dips as your controller. Dad can spend his days in or not in quarantine getting fit and having fun! ($99)

Delights for the furbaby papas


Crown and Paw


Is the man you’re shopping for obsessed with his furbabies? The dog gets all the love? The cat gets all the treatos? The guinea pig gets all the attention? Crown and Paw offers a brilliantly hilarious option for the proud animal papa in your life: recreated antique art! That’s right! You can now transform your own fuzzy buddies into high ranking officers of yore and royal ladies of yesteryear. It’s ridiculous, fun and a change of pace from the wall collage of Insta portraits. Who wouldn’t want their goldfish looking like Alexander Hamilton? ($30+)

Pet Plate


You’re probably familiar with human meal delivery services, but did you know that there are doggie equivalents too? Pet Plate delivers quality, fresh dog food personalized to the weight and breed standards of dad’s favorite pup. With four different varieties, there is a flavor for every pupper’s palate. My dog’s personal favorite is the Chompin’ Chicken and it’s not just because there’s a Pug on the container (he’s a Puggle.) The meals come delivered in an insulated case and are great to jazz up your dog’s foodtime or to transition from a kibble based diet. ($1.50+/day

Walkee Paws

No one likes drying off muddy dog feet. Especially the dogs. No matter how tolerant your best friend is, keeping their little paws dry is the best solution. But even when you try to keep them dry booties get kicked off or slip off and they’re a bigger pain than wiping paws. Until Walkee Paws came along! Walkee Paws is the world’s first doggie legging that keeps their little feet and legs dry (and sanitary!) in inclement weather. Believe me my dog hates boots and I’d give anything to not have to struggle with him over them again. Thanks to Walkee Paws I don’t have to fight him anymore! (They even come with replacement rubber patches to patch up any holes that develop in the booties over time!) ($28.99+)



No matter what kind of fuzzy critter the dad in your life owns, pet hair is probably an issue for him on a regular basis. Whether it’s from a comfy kitty car a wiggly rabbit, laundry and lint rollers only go so far. What could be better for a proud furbaby dad than a practical gift like the Furzapper? The rubbery gadget goes in the washer and dryer to remove hair from your clothes! It can be used many times over with a simple rinse to remove any stuck lint or hair. It’s a no thinking required solution to a frustrating problem. ($14.99)

Just for the Joe Cools




If the dad in your life loves Baileys or other cream liquors, he’s going to LOVE Somrus. Somrus is made with real Wisconsin cream (this Wisconsin raised girl approves) and comes in delectable flavors I haven’t seen before! With chai and mango varieties you’re opening up a whole new world of mixology! Though you can’t go wrong with just Somrus and ice, there are all kinds of delicious flavors to be found with Somrus around! Have him try both or pair a Somrus with a variety of tasty mixing options! Here are some to get you started courtesy of Somrus: 


  • 1 part Somrus Chai
  • 3 parts coffee of choice


  • 3 parts Somrus Chai
  • 1 part sweet tea vodka
  • In an ice-filled shaker, add ingredients and shake. Strain and pour into a martini glass. 

Raz-Mango Cooler

  • 3 oz Somrus Mango
  • 1 oz raspberry liqueur 
  • 2 oz soda water
  • Build over ice. Stir to combine. 


  • 3 oz Somrus Mango
  • 1 oz reposado tequila
  • .25 oz orange liqueur
  • In an ice-filled shaker, add ingredients and shake. Strain into ice-filled glass. 


This isn’t your father’s usual cider. This Massachusetts made, heirloom apple-based cider is for a more nuanced palate. Stormalong gives varietal an entirely new meaning. Each flavor of this cider is rich, tangy and delicious. Why should you take my word for it? Because I don’t usually like ciders. I’ll take a sip or two and be done. But Stormalong? I could drink those smooth all day. From sweet to tongue-tingling tart, there is a type for even the most storm worn captain. Remind dad that he’s the apple of your eye. 

Heirlooms for the hard to shop for


Happy Box – 2020 Father’s Day Box


Don’t let dad forget what a ridiculous year 2020 has been. Highlight the bizarre year with some goodies to forever remind him of the year of the dumpster fire with an actual dumpster fire (sticker) as well as some snacks to tide him over until quarantine lifts. Any dad that’s hard to shop for would be hard-pressed not to love the specially curated box from Happy Box. After all, happy is in their name! ($60+) (Other non-Father’s Day specific boxes are also available or you can build your own!)

The 2020 Father’s Day Box includes:

  • A “Dumpster Fire 2020” Sticker 
  • A Bottle Opener/Micro Tool
  • Craft Old Fashioned Cocktail Syrup
  • Beer Cheese Pretzels
  • Craft Bourbon Jerky
  • Father’s Day 2020 Card 


When it comes to gifts, it’s always the thought that counts. That’s been true since you bestowed that first macaroni noodle project onto your parents and remains true today. With Greetabl you can give the gift of sentimentality in a gorgeous box card. Outwardly designed by the folks at Greetabl, you get to add your own spin on the inside. Let your father, grandfather, or father figure, know how dear they are with a simply heartfelt gift. ($10+)

Gifts for the give-backers


Conscious Step


Growing up my dad would always tell us for Christmas, his birthday or Father’s Day that he wanted socks. When I got older I realized this was something that a lot of fathers say if they can’t think of something else. Well, problem solved! Conscious Step is a philanthropic sock company that gives back depending on the kind of sock you buy. There are 16 causes impacted by the efforts at Conscious Step. $1 per pair is donated to the cause of that particular sock. Whether your dad is concerned with human, environmental or sociopolitical issues, Conscious Step will have a perfect sock for him. ($14.95) (They also have a Father’s Day special right now! Any two 3-pair boxes for $70 with the promo code FORDAD.)

Raffia Houses



Since quarantine has many of us closer than ever, the Raffia Houses from Rice are a great option for conscientious dads with young children. Not only do the boxes offer an opportunity to teach kiddos about cleaning up their things, they also offer a chance to teach about helping others. Each box is handmade with raffia fibers and take dozens of hours to make and, because they’re all handmade from natural fibers, no two boxes are identical. Additionally, each raffia box purchase supports 300 families in Madagascar! ($89.99+



Written by Amanda Finn

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