Have a Howling Good Time at the Great Wolf Lodge

This past spring, we were invited to the Great Wolf Lodge, in Grand Mound, Washington, to celebrate their Spring-A-Palooza event. Now, this was our visit there and we really didn’t know what to expect. There would be a pool and that was about all we knew. We should have been given a heads up that we were required to be fully energized and should have slept the entire week prior. This place was fun and crazy and the kids had the time of their lives. In fact, just this morning our three-year old was requesting to go back. She is obsessed with the water slides and brings it up often.

Upon our arrival, we got our wristband, VIP lanyard (yep…VIP), and the cutest little multicolored pastel wolf ears. We headed up to our room to get changed and were surprised when we saw the most beautiful plate full of goodies. After cleaning up chocolate faces and sticky fingers, we were dressed and ready to get to the waterpark.

Great Wolf Lodges hold a variety of seasonal and holiday themed celebrations like their Spring-A-Palooza event

At the pool, we were overwhelmed with excitement and quickly realized that our children were all trying to run in different directions. So, what do you do when you are outnumbered? You divide and conquer. Husband took the oldest to the water slides, while I took the two littles to the kid area. The kid area was full of fun! Water sprayers, slides, mini jet-skis with a water gun attached. The girls played for hours while the boys were being adventurous on the slides and floating lily pads.

It was time for dinner and we knew exactly what we would have. There is the best pizza place right next to the pool and the cold beer was calling our names. We ate, went to Story Time, watched The Great Clock Tower Show, and then went right to bed.

The Grand Mound location has the Lodge Wood Fired Grill. The food was much better than a lot of other resorts we’ve been to. They also have a kids menu designed by kid chef’s that was especially amazing.

VERY early the next day we were woken by the kids–they all had their bathing suits and life jackets on with goggles and towels in hand. They were READY! We spent the day at the pool, did some mini-golf, played at the arcade, got lost in the mirror maze, played MagiQuest, made stuffed animals, ate candy and found fool’s gold at the Miners Den. Somewhere in that mix of running around and having fun, we got to decorate cookies and do yoga with some of the characters. We were ready for bed… but wait–we HAD to go to Story Time and The Great Clock Tower Show again as well as dance at the balloon drop dance party.

The clock tower show is an Animatronic show that runs several times throughout the day. It draws a pretty large audience, so get there a bit early to grab a front-row seat. Our kids absolutely loved the show.

Besides college, this was the best dance party I have ever been to! There was cotton candy, adult beverages, light up wands and necklaces, bubble machines, balloons that dropped from the ceiling, and a great mix of oldies, new-age and Disney songs that you could have ever hoped for. I was especially excited to teach my kids the Macarena.

Nighttime came and all of us collapsed on the bed. The kids were even snuggling together and didn’t mind one bit. We were sad that tomorrow was our last day, but we knew right away that we would be coming back.

Burned out!!!

The next morning, we had a character breakfast, played MagiQuest, and went to the water park. There were definitely tears streaming as we loaded up the car. The kids were sad, we were exhausted, and everyone’s sugar high had worn off.

Great Wolf Lodge has 17 locations across the United States and 1 in Canada. They have a great variety of suites and activities at each of their locations. The rooms were clean, the staff was overly friendly and helpful, and the food was great! If you want to bring in your own food, each room as a mini-fridge, microwave, and coffee maker. GWL is now offering day passes, but for the price, it would be better to get a room and have two days at the waterpark. Throughout the year there are different themes that they celebrate. We went for Spring-A-Palooza, but they also offer a Summer Camp-In until Labor Day, Howl-oween in October, and then Snowland in December-January. For New Year’s Eve, they also have a celebration that, I was told, is the best one to attend for both adults and kids. GWL also hosts birthday parties and has event space for your business meetings. They have restaurants, a bar, convenience stores, a business center, a fitness center, and a spa. Numerous activities are held daily, such as face painting, balloon twisting, crafts, science experiments, drawing critter cartoons, etc. These are also great opportunities for children to meet characters such as Wiley, Violet, and Sammy.

To sum it up, here is a quote from husband’s FB page “It’s day two at Great Wolf Lodge, I think the children are running purely off sugar and joy. I’m exhausted, my entire body is sore. We’ve done magic, we’ve swam, we’ve traversed rapids, made stuffed unicorns, my children are eyeing each other very suspiciously when one enters an area near their golden hoard of candy and prizes. Caffeine has seemed to lose all effectiveness. We’ve still got putt-putt, and glow in the dark mini golf (Yes, I accidentally typed that in twice), dance parties, and god knows what else is in store for us today. One of my legs just seriously almost gave out on me. It’s been a good time; I’d recommend you make a trip with your family.”


Written by Heather Dembeck

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