I Found Some Sasquatch

At the City Park in North Bonneville, Washington, I spotted a family of five Big and Little Feet plus more little feet frolicking in the trees. You know that Bigfoot is another name for the elusive Sasquatch, right? There are actually more than 150 names for this mysterious hominid.

Maybe it’s because Bigfoot hunting is prohibited in Skamania County or because the residents of North Bonneville were welcoming and friendly, but this family of Sasquatch (or is it Sasquatches? Or maybe Sasquatchi?) have moved from the Cascade Forests to this small town, which was built in 1934 for those working on the Bonneville Dam project.

Large footprints guide you to the various Littlefeet who seem to be hiding in the trees at the park. If you look closely, though, you’ll find them. The Littlefeet are very curious about humans and hardly shy, unlike their Bigfeet parents, so you may find yourself talking to them.

This natural utopia is the perfect place for birds, squirrels, owls and rabbits live to in perfect harmony with the Bigfeet and Littlefeet.

Due to the large number of Bigfoot sightings in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest, Skamania County is the only sanctioned “Sasquatch Refuge” in the world. If you’re a fan, you should put this place on your to-visit list — you won’t regret it.

There have been so many Sasquatch sightings in Washington State that a group set up for witnesses to chronicle their Bigfoot encounters. Most of these people describe these creatures as over six-feet tall with hairy bodies and long, ape-like arms.

If you want to see actual, tangible evidence of BigFoot, the Lacey Museum currently displays Sasquatch Revealed. The exhibit includes incredibly large molds of the creature’s footprints, a 25-year history of Sasquatch research, photos, sculptures, and dioramas.

Sasquatch are no strangers to this area, and sometimes they are quite neighborly. On a TV documentary about BigFoot, a lady who lived in a cabin in the woods came forward and claimed a Sasquatch knocked on her door and asked to borrow garlic for his dinner recipe. Believe it or not.

Have any of you spotted Bigfoot?


Written by Heather DL

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