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Making Memories at the Rutledge Corn Maze

Well, this year has been weird. I feel so badly for the kids who have had their lives turned upside down and missed out on so many holidays and traditions. No Easter egg hunts, no fourth of July, no friends, no school… the list goes on.

We have been making the most out of it and trying to stay positive, but I was not about to tell the kids that Halloween was canceled too. I contacted Robby Rutledge about the Sasquatch Corn Maze, and I knew right away that we had to go visit.

On the spur of the moment, my husband and I decided to go to the Haunted Corn Maze by ourselves and check out the farm. We are pretty ‘COVID-Conscience,” and I wanted to make sure it was not overly crowded before bringing the kids.

Wow! Were we in for a treat! And quite a few scares. Before the Haunted Maze, we walked around the farm and enjoyed being childless for the night. It was so pretty! They have private fire pits, a concession stand, swings, chickens, and a produce stand.

Everyone was wearing masks; sanitizer was placed throughout the property, and most importantly, the people there were SO KIND! You could tell right away that each person loved their job. We met Robby, and he told us a little bit about the farm, mazes, and pumpkin patch. He is the nicest person I have met in a very long time. His excitement over the events and his pride in the farm was radiating.

The Haunted Corn Maze was AMAZING! I have not felt like a kid like that in a long time. The smiles and laughter were precisely what we needed. Plus, it did not hurt that my husband is a big scaredy-cat and wanted to hold my hand the entire time. Well, except for that part when the chainsaw man came, he ran so fast that he left me there laughing until tears were falling.

We were so impressed at our first visit that we brought the kids back a few days later. Our goal was to make through the Sasquatch Corn Maze and pick out a few pumpkins.

“This looks familiar” was the quote of the day. We had so much fun getting lost in the mazes. The kids took turns choosing which way we would turn next. But after a while, and a few miles of walking, we decided to take things seriously.

There are two games that you can play in mazes. There are 12 checkpoints to find and punch your card, and there is also a Farm Scene Investigation game where you have to find out what happened to Farmer John. The checkpoint game was easy enough with the map, but we failed miserably with the Crime Scene game and only found one checkpoint. We’ll have to go back again to focus on that.

After the maze, we swung on the swing set, talked to the chickens, walked to the pumpkin patch, learned about each variety of pumpkins they have there, took silly photos, and admired the large sunflower fields. The kids could not decide on what pumpkins what they wanted, so we settled on a few apples and told them we’d go back again and just focus on that. But really, I want more apples too! They were better than Honeycrisp, and that really says a lot.

When deciding to go, please be aware that you can purchase tickets online, or once you arrive. You do not have to buy tickets for the pumpkin patch, and on the weekends, they have a corn and cow train for the kids to ride in, corn cannon, a horseshoe pit, and ladder ball. Masks are to be worn the whole time, and they have gallons of hand sanitizer placed everywhere.

The farm has a lot of other seasonal events also. They had a Sunflower Festival recently, and before that, they had a drive-through Cherry Festival. Make sure to follow their Facebook page too. They are always doing giveaways, posting videos, announcing events, sharing recipes, and do a great job of letting you know what produce is in! They even have their own jars of pickled vegetables, preserves, syrup, sauerkraut, salsa, BBQ sauce, and queso dip.

Overall, I give this place 5 stars! It was fun for adults and kids, clean, safe, and very reasonably priced. If you need out of the house and miss that feeling of being a kid, please make it a point to go and support these wonderful people.


Written by Heather Dembeck

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