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    1 month ago
    At Pathway safaris, we cover Kenyas top best National parks, Game Reserves and wildlife sanctuaries, most visited year round, a lot to be seen!
    Maasai Mara, world renowned virtually every game can be spotted, Lake Nakuru ideal to spot the Rhinos, first Rhino sanctuary in Kenya, Olpejeta conservancy home to the late legendary Sudan, and the 2 remaining females Northern white Rhinos, Fatu and Najin, while Amboseli National park, know for its huge herds of African Elephants and stunning peak of Mt Kilimanjaro! Tsavo National park, home to the Red elephants of Tsavo, lions,Cheetah, buffalos among others in plenty!
    Enjoy diverse culture and traditions of the locals! – We ensure you have the very Best with us!
    Email us:
    Whatsapp: +254720401216

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