Molise, Italy Is All The Buzz

Pack it up

We’ve all had those days where we wouldn’t mind just picking up and starting over in an entirely new location. Of course, we ask ourselves, “But where?” This is often followed by rational thought, “How would I afford this move to the new dreamland?” These daunting thoughts bring our dreams to a sudden halt. We resort to posting a few photos of gorgeous beaches, majestic landscapes in Switzerland or some magnificent olive orchards in Italy on social media. But what if I told you that there are such places that would actually pay you to move there? Now you’re starting to think that I’ve lost my marbles.

What’s The Buzz about Molise, Italy?

Don’t feel bad, I also thought it was impossible until I stumbled upon some exciting news about places like Molise, Italy. Molise is a mountainous region centered between the Adriatic Sea and the Apennine ridge. This hot spot has been the buzz for the past week with both CNN and CBS News hosting articles about this dreamland location. What great new thing has created the recent interest in Molise, Italy?

Scenery, Ruins, Castles

First, let’s just talk about the fact that the whole area is breathtaking! It is about a two-hour train ride from Rome. That’s the first clue. I’ve often dreamed of what Roman ruins might look like. Unfortunately, largely crowded, overly visited, tourist attractions are not really on the top of my list. The region around Molise offers several little villages that are home to authentic ruins including Sepino, Italy, and Larino, Italy. These quaint little villages are filled to the brim with beauty, character and scenery to die for. The capital city, Campobasso, even has a 14th century castle.

Food and Wine

Now, if you’re going to be near castles and archeological ruins, wine is surely in order. Biferno, named after the river, is there for you like a best friend. Exquisite Rosato, white and red wines are produced by Biferno. However, that’s not all. The food has an authentic quality bound to surpass all expectations. Tradition has not slipped out the back door of the kitchens in these villages. San Martino is home to the delicious pampanella. Pampanella is made from pork meat that starts out be being wrapped in vine leaves. The pork meat is marinated in sweet or spicy red pepper, vinegar, garlic and salt. After a bit in the oven, the meat is served warm and on a bun. Is your mouth watering yet?

Open a Business

Molise’s villages are lacking only one thing–people. Locals hope to bring life back to their small communities. Now, this is part of the buzz that I mentioned earlier. The region needs people to thrive, so they’ve made an offer to anyone willing to start a business there. The catch is that you will need to stay there for about three years. And they heard you when you said: “twist my arm.”

Well $27,000 of arm twisting is what it is, to be exact. That is the amount they will pay you in increments over those three years just to move there. It breaks down to around $770 a month. Regional councilor, Antonio Tedeschi, is leading the forefront on this idea. Antonio Tedeschi said, “We need to safeguard our roots.” There are about 106 struggling communities hoping for newcomers in the Molise, Italy region.

Add It To The Bucket List

One of those newcomers could be you or me. Molise, Italy, has real possibilities with an incentive like $27,000. But if packing to travel sounds better than packing the whole house, Molise, Italy, is definitely bucket list-worthy.


Written by Rebecca Brockhaus

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  1. So true Rebecca, who has not dreamed about just packing it all up, and starting all over. Quaint village of Molise, wine from the Biferno River, and traditional pampanella sounds so great. Grant money is also available. This is the chance of a lifetime for the right individual, and for me it would be a great place to visit.

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