Oborny’s Husker Bar Dishing It Out With Delicious Husker Burgers and Huge Pork Tenderloin Sandwiches

In the mood for a big juicy burger? I have just the spot. Oborny’s Husker Bar on 11th street in Columbus, Nebraska will make your mouth water as they deliver some of the most delicious platters to your table, including the delicious Husker burger. 

The Husker Burger

Right out of the gate, I have to tell you about the Husker burger. This isn’t just any burger. I assure you it is not made from a box of frozen patties. Owner Todd Oborny kindly called to his mother, Sharon Oborny, to welcome me to the kitchen to watch this masterpiece come to life. Rounded fresh ground beef balls sat on the shiny stainless prep counter awaiting the master chef as I entered the kitchen. I watched as Todd Oborny pressed the fresh mounds into huge patties as he explained that quality meant more to him than his cost. His dedication couldn’t be more evident as he displayed the large pressed patty in his hand to me. 

As we chatted, Todd Oborny asked me if I had tried the Sidewinder fries, the cheese curds or the corn fritters. I vowed to try it all as he finished preparing another order, a heaping basket with his pork tenderloin sandwich, onion rings and a delightful Husker burger surrounded by cheddar munchers. The smell had my head wanting much more than my stomach could ever hold. Fortunately, I brought two extra taste testers along with me.

On tap

I left the kitchen with Sharon Oborny to find a table for us to relax and wait. We chatted about the weather and all the work that this family had put into the Oborny Husker Bar. I couldn’t help but watch one of the bartenders, Andy Christensen, as he scurried about getting drinks for customers. There was never an empty glass. Oborny’s Husker Bar has plenty drinks to choose from. On tap is: Miller Lite, Coors Light, Budweiser, Bud Light and Blue Moon. The bar is well stocked if you’d prefer to go a little stronger, and you might want to try their Mexican candy shot! 

Serving it up

We had arrived later in the evening hoping for calm but quick service. Although it was still buzzing with customers contently chatting, Todd Oborny took it all in stride, quickly delivering a tray that nearly overflowed with delicious food. The huge pork tenderloin sandwich left little room in the basket for anything else. The meat on that thing was the size of a saucer! The chicken sandwich shared a basket with cheese curds, the unusually juicy Philly steak sandwich hosted a heap of steak fries and the appetizer basket was filled with cheddar munchers, corn fritters, and sidewinder fries. My favorite, the thick Husker burger, came with a glorious side of crispy onion rings. 

As we joyfully fed our faces in the laid back atmosphere, the little worries of the day dwindled quickly. Todd Oborny and his staff kept our drink glasses filled, brought us condiments galore and showed us their great hospitality.

The back room

If we hadn’t eaten so much, we could have enjoyed a relaxing game of pool or thrown a few darts. Todd Oborny explained that the large back room is an event space for a variety of gatherings, including private parties, oil wrestling, hypnotists, male dancers and midget wrestling. Comedian Dusty Slay, a recent guest on Jimmy Kimmel guest, has even been there. 

Daily specials

Wrapping up our great experience, we were invited to come back for $1 Taco Tuesday, where you can also get a $4 Indian taco (with a deep-fat-fried flatbread shell.)  However, for just 50 cents a wing, you can also enjoy Wednesday Wings. For me, at just under $6, the Husker burger and fries basket is a steal. I think I’ll step up the spice and try the southwest sidewinder fries next time.

Just a small tab

But if you want more, Todd Oborny discussed plans to add an open faced chili sandwich as fall begins. Stop in to see what he cooks up! A few regulars jokingly agreed that a local frequenter, named “Michigan Mark” could pick up the tab. You don’t have to be a Husker fan to enjoy this great place. Whatever you decide to try, you won’t be disappointed. You must stop on 11th street in Columbus, Nebraska and try the Husker burger. “Michigan Mark’s” tab might be full, but you can’t go wrong with the prices. Come empty! You’ll leave full! 

2313 11th Street, Columbus, Nebraska 68601



Written by Rebecca Brockhaus

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