One Fine Day

One day, one fine day, we will wake up to a sad reality that quality education, health, and material wealth aren’t the best gifts that will befit future generations nor equate to a clean, healthy planet. Nothing of that sought will make sense to a generation perishing from environmental crisis and a retaliating choking planet.

It is time we start educating the young. I mean environmental awareness and consciousness should be the first lessons children and young people learn. The idea of preparing and creating “a great future” for young people is a mere modern-day illusion that can’t be achieved without our commitment as contemporary beings.

The best gift in years to come will be their realization that we protected the environment that they get/need food, water, clean air, and sustainable development.

Take your children outside. Let them smell and feel nature. Let them know why it is essential to have Mother Nature intact and safe. Grab some of their savings and let them plant trees with it, trees that will take away their bad “stuff” from the air, and give them good stuff like oxygen and rain that they will need in their future lives.

Why store so much wealth to them that they will use later on to build and kickstart a collapsing planet? Look around; if you haven’t served a cause more significant than just you or your family, then you have not lived.

Humanities continued existence on this planet can only be guaranteed by a transitioning sense of care for the earth. How do you expect to live on a planet that you have only taken away from without giving back? Can you imagine if we all gave back to the earth for what it gives us? Then all of what we see happening couldn’t happen.

I hope that this generation won’t end up being the parasite that sapped the planet to death. We still must do better. Sorry, this might be hard, but it’s my honest thoughts tonight. If you find it relevant, share, or tag a parent. #mythoughts #chroniclesofacaretaker #mythoughts #planetearthschool #extinctionmeansforever #educatetheyoung #noplanetB #thingsthatmatter #environmentalactivism

Editors Note: If you would like to donate to the Ol Pejeta Conservancy follow this link. The work that everyone there including James is vitally important to protect a wide variety of Species for future generations.


Written by James Mwenda

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