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Three Days Underground in Southern Arizona

Most times when we are traveling we see and think about the sights that are above ground, the ones that are right before our eyes. But, after our three days underground, we now wonder what’s below the ground that we are missing or has yet to be discovered. More

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Seattle in Neon Noir

I visited Seattle to take some photos of the city covered in smoke from the wildfires. All in all, the photo’s didn’t do the smoke justice, so I played around with editing in the neon noir style popularized by the movie blade runner. The city was also emptier than I’d ever seen it, which to More

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A Conservationist’s Plea – The Sixth Mass Vacation…

As a child, my fantasy wasn’t to meet Mickey Mouse in the magical kingdom of Disneyland. I didn’t care to meet Goofy, the Seven Dwarves, or any of Walt’s numerous other friends. In the end, once a Disney movie was over you’d simply mind the sticker on the VHS that read “Be Kind, Rewind.” Readying More

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SquatchFest 2020 in Longview, Washington

One of my favorite movies growing up was Harry and the Henderson’s. I always wanted a pet Big Foot. When our family goes hiking, camping, or even on road-trips, I encourage the kids to “look for bigfoot.” My husband always rolls his eyes but plays along. He can be a hater, and that’s okay. I More

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