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Groovy Goats at Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium

Looking for something to do with your kids, try your local zoo! Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium has several programs that your family can participate in like Groovy Goats. Get masked up and go groom and feed goats with a zookeeper! Find out more at www.pdza.org More

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Photographing Birds with My Daughter at Billy Frank Jr. Nisqually

Peter Griffin, star of “Family Guy” and avid bird lover, once asked, “Do you or do you not know about the bird? Cause everybody has heard that the bird, bird, bird is the word.” According to a 2016 study performed by the Department of the Interior, Bird is most definitely the word with 45.1 million active birdwatchers More

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Savannah for the Broke and Cheap

If you’ve been putting off visiting Savannah, Georgia, because you think it’s expensive, think again. Parking can be costly, but there are many free attractions well worth a visit. I just visited and had a wonderful time. There is so much to do there that I will be writing about Savannah for months, but first I’ll More

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