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Savannah for the Broke and Cheap

If you’ve been putting off visiting Savannah, Georgia, because you think it’s expensive, think again. Parking can be costly, but there are many free attractions well worth a visit. I just visited and had a wonderful time. There is so much to do there that I will be writing about Savannah for months, but first I’ll More

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The Restoration of Sierra Vista’s Fry Pioneer Cemetery

Community is important. It’s more than just where we live. It’s store clerks, mechanics, doctors, and teachers. It’s our friends and neighbors who keep us company. It’s also the people who take care of the places we mourn members of the community we’ve lost. Elizabeth Wrozek, the new curator of the Henry F. Hauser Museum More

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Molise, Italy Is All The Buzz

Pack it up We’ve all had those days where we wouldn’t mind just picking up and starting over in an entirely new location. Of course, we ask ourselves, “But where?” This is often followed by rational thought, “How would I afford this move to the new dreamland?” These daunting thoughts bring our dreams to a More

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