Photo Guide: Bisbee, Arizona

Experience the Good Ole Days When You Visit This Southwestern Piece of Americana

I have wanted to visit Bisbee for years and was so excited that we could add this town to our Southern Arizona itinerary. I wish we had more time (we only had four hours), but at least we got a taste of this cool town and know that we want to go back again and stay for awhile.

Bisbee is an eclectic, artsy, historic community with delicious restaurants (many that are vegan friendly), beautiful historic buildings, a variety of shops and more all nestled between beautiful mountains. The town has a history of mining and the Queen Copper Mine Tour was fun, informative and gave a great overview of mining life and practices. To read more about the Queen Copper Mine tour, see our Three Days Underground blog. There is also a copper pit mine outside of town that is quite spectacular to see and not far from Erie Street, which is in the made up town of Lowell, Arizona, that is like stepping back in time and should not be missed. It’s a great place for photoshoots, especially for people who like vintage cars and buildings, which we do.

The first two photos below are of Main Street in Bisbee and the Copper Man Sculpture, which left James Taylor’s song Copperline stuck in my head all afternoon even though the song isn’t really about copper mining. The other photos are of the fictional town of Lowell.

View of downtown Bisbee, Arizona
Lavender Pit copper mine began in 1917 and ended in 1974. The pit is 4,000 feet wide, 5,000 feet long and 850 deep.

Bisbee has been added to our “must go back” list and if you haven’t been there, I highly recommend it and suggest you plan on at least a few days so you can really experience this awesome mountain town.

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Written by Kristen Damazio

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