SquatchFest 2020 in Longview, Washington

One of my favorite movies growing up was Harry and the Henderson’s. I always wanted a pet Big Foot. When our family goes hiking, camping, or even on road-trips, I encourage the kids to “look for bigfoot.” My husband always rolls his eyes but plays along. He can be a hater, and that’s okay. I knew I’d change his mind one day, but I didn’t think it would happen so quickly. 

Squatch Fest is an annual two-day event hosted by the Kelso Longview Chamber of Commerce at the Cowlitz County Event Center located in Longview, Washington. 

This year was their fourth year of the event, and it keeps growing in popularity, and this year the event was extended to include a second day.

They have vendors, speakers, an opportunity to share your bigfoot encounters, Washington State’s largest corn hole tournament, ax throwing, food trucks, a Kid Cave, beer garden, scavenger hunt, and even a mobile tattoo trailer called the Inkbus. Tickets were $25 per adult and $5 for kids, which covered both days of the event. Parking was free and plentiful. 


When I saw the event for “Squatch Fest” on Facebook, I knew that I had to attend. I would enjoy it, and the kids would love it, but what I didn’t realize is how much my doubtful husband would love it. He doesn’t believe in Sasquatch. He’s not against believing in it; he wants to see the evidence. 

“Hundreds of Millions of people on the planet with ultra-def camera’s in their pockets and not one decent photo.” My husband continued, “I mean, they could also completely miss one if they were staring at Facebook. Interestingly, all of the native languages from Washington to Colorado have different names for Bigfoot, but no DNA, no decent photos. I’d need to see one.”

Friday night, we drove down there and spent quite a few hours talking with the vendors, speakers, and listening to sasquatch stories. Bought some crystals and wooden puzzle boxes, and had a fun time watching the Ax Throwing at the Axecutioner, a mobile ax-throwing trailer (which would be super fun for parties!)  

Saturday, we spent the day there and had the most fun. The Kid Cave was open and full of games, crafts, building with Home Depot, and making cement Sasquatch footprints.

The speakers ranged from Alaska to the Appalachian Mountains including The men from Mountain Monsters (on Travel Channel), Bob Gimlin, who filmed the famous Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot video (Video below), Dr. Jeff Meldrum professor of anatomy and anthropology at Idaho State University, and teams of researchers from Oregon, Washington, and Alaska. 


When the panel of speakers all got together on Saturday night, they played this video from Russia of Bigfoot, chasing a car. For some, it was their first time seeing it. It was fascinating to hear what they all thought about the video. They dissected the girls’ reactions, the size of the animal, its speed. They were questioning the landscape and wondered where it would bed down, was a forest close? What was near there for it to eat? It was refreshing to hear a panel of educated people share their thought process with us. My husband is now super excited about the possibility of Sasquatch, and one of the speakers was kind enough to invite him on a Sasquatch searching hike this summer! I might be a *little* jealous. 

“Dr. Wallace Wrightwood asked, “You’ve seen hundreds, thousands of pigeons, right?”

George Henderson replied, “Of course.”

Dr. Wallace Wrightwood then asked, “Have you ever seen a baby pigeon?” George nodded no. Wallace Continued saying, “Well, neither have I. I got a hunch they exist.”

The Cowlitz County Event Center was spacious, with 13,000 square feet of floor space. We never felt crowded. In total, they have a 47-acre complex and are host to meetings, weddings, trade shows, and more. 

Pro-Tip: Spend one day with just adults. Enjoy the beer garden, BBQ, speakers, vendors, and even do some ax-throwing or get a tattoo. It was fun with the kids, but it would have been a great date night! And since the price is for two days, you can easily do both! 

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Written by Heather Dembeck

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