Stay and Play At the Hotel Allegro

Please note: The Allegro is currently transitioning from a Kimpton property to a Sonesta property. When searching the hotel online please keep this in mind as both versions of the hotel are still coming up on Google. 

This hotel stay took place ahead of Mayor Lightfoot’s stay at home order. While Chicago battles rising COVID cases, it is important to protect our neighbors and ourselves so we can have more adventures in the future altogether. This piece is in no way meant to encourage anyone to disregard safety measures. Stay safe, Chicago.

Right in the heart of Chicago’s theater district sits the Art Deco icon that is the Hotel Allegro. Adorned with gilded scalloped walls, quintessential 1920s style, and even Jay Gatsby-esque furniture, the Allegro is a paradise for fans of Arts Décoratifs. Even 100 years after the rise of the Deco style, the distinctive look has never looked better. 

Especially in 2020, when I began the year excited to celebrate the centennial of my favorite aesthetic, escaping to Hotel Allego is a staycation worth looking forward to. And when hotels are offering special packages to make your stay even more memorable, you take them up on it. 

My husband Kyle and I took advantage of the Cue the Fun package which includes a gorgeous suite with a living room area and games galore. If you’re lucky you can even book a suite with a pool table included! We played giant Jenga, noshed on delicious in-room snacks, watched both Home Alone and Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (which I’d never seen), and enjoyed each other’s company. 

When you call a city like Chicago home, it’s hard not to be able to explore the place that you love. But from within the safety of our suite, we could look upon the sights I know all too well. We were even in the range of Wow Bao delivery which made Kyle’s whole weekend. 

Ordinarily, Hotel Allegro would be an icon sitting amongst marquee lights galore. The Cadillac Palace Theatre is the Allegro’s next-door neighbor and would usually be hosting shows of all kinds this time of year. Sadly, the curtains are down for the 250+ performing arts companies in Chicago. But, even if we can’t celebrate art together we can find safe ways to enjoy ourselves nonetheless. 


If you have a pandemic pod, or a family unit you’re keeping quarantine with, something like the Cue the Fun package is a wonderful way to mix up the mundane. It’s tough to play board games with two people, though it is fun to get competitive over giant Jenga while sipping a piping hot latte, doing something away from the four walls of home feels extra special right now. 

Some of the rooms at Hotel Allegro even come with jet tubs which, in the harsh Illinois winter, can be a treat all on its own. The tubs are oversized, comfortable, and have large ledges so you can prop up that laptop or phone and binge whatever show you’re on in bliss. 

Bar Allegro is not open right now but is acting as a sort of “bodega” where you can indulge in snacks and drinks à la carte. The connecting Starbucks is also open although the connecting door is not. Luckily it’s a quick jaunt next door so you won’t be exposed to the harsh weather too long. 

While you’re out you can also grab takeout from 312 Chicago right next door. Get your Italian Fare fix at 312 to enjoy in your suite living room. Make room at the dining table or get cozy on the retro style couch. 


If unwinding from the hubbub of life is also on the menu, you can arrange in-room spa services. Following safety protocols, these services can be arranged by contacting the hotel. From pedicures to massages, there are plenty of ways to tend to your self-care at the Allegro. They also offer free bike rentals so you can explore the city on your own (maybe not in the winter) and are dog friendly. 

A recent piece on HospitalityNet notes: “The Hotel Allegro is a focal point for sightings of pop stars and rock bands such as Poison, Pink, Christina Aguilera, Tommy Lee, Midnight Oil, Flock of Seagulls, Warrant, The Killers, The Roots, Perry Ferrell, DJ Miles, Maeda, and Rhianna.” Being a hotbed for celebrity sightings shouldn’t be a surprise for anyone as the hotel is just a stone’s throw from some of the city’s beloved tourist stops. On top of that, the artistic merits of the hotel beg the residence of artists. 


Whether you’re looking for some time away, a new place to have fun with the folks you’re staying safe with or you just want to enjoy the ambiance, Hotel Allegro is the place to be. Even if you’re more stylistically Jay-Z than Gatsby, you’ll still appreciate all this icon has to offer. Raise a glass of Laherte or La Croix to life. 


Written by Amanda Finn

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