The Hidden Purpose and Benefits of “Add to Bucket”

The Bucket List

It’s simple. It’s the floating green button on the bottom right. It’s the reason for the List in Sojournlist. 

Think of it like a shopping cart or wish list, except for blogs.

Add blog posts of things you want to do to your bucket list, or manually add them. For example, if you add “camping” and “Colorado” to your bucket list, your bucket list will pull from our available content and show you the most relevant blog posts we have that are related to your interest. If we don’t have them, it tells us what articles we need to get you.

When you complete a bucket list item, you earn points and badges to use as bragging rights, but will be increasingly tied to real-world benefits as we grow. 

Upcoming Bucket List Improvements:

  • More control over sorting and mixing activities as well as appearance improvements.
  • Separate bucket list categories for different purposes like activities you want to recommend to friends as well as a distinction between local bucket list goals you can complete today and your once in a lifetime dream vacation bucket list goals.
  • Bragging rights by giving you the option to share how many of your bucket list goals you’ve accomplished and what those completed goals are. As well as the ability to hide your bucket list from your friends (You can already opt to hide your profile from view entirely).
  • Bucket list count on each blog post showing how many people have added your blog to their bucket list as well as how many people have taken your advice and completed their goal. Helping you to determine your most popular articles amongst members.
  • An up-to-date list informing writers what articles people want to read, but that we do not currently have. Helping writers figure out what readers are interested in reading about helping new  bloggers come up with topics to write about.


Benefits of the Bucket List

If you were planning a vacation to Florida, and you search Florida Attractions, you’d likely see pages and pages of Orlando area attractions. With our bucket list you’d find information that fits your interests based on activities, hobbies, and location. Increasingly providing you with ideas for this weekend you didn’t even know about before as our content in the form of blogs, and even videos and podcasts grow.

What does this do for destinations or businesses? It levels the playing field. It gives a small boutique hotel with a single location a shot against the billion-dollar hotel chain. It also gives smaller cities or regions that are eclipsed by larger businesses or destinations easier more bang for their budget access to informing potential visitors of their offerings based on the members interests.


The Bucket List - Targeted Digital Contextual Advertising Without Programmatic

Online media is funded primarily through subscriptions, advertisements, or a combination of the two. Most people don’t want to pay for a subscription, so we opted for the advertising option. We also understand contextual advertising is far better than targeting you by using your phone or computer to spy on you to serve you ads. Our method results in targeted, contextual advertisements that you ask to receive. You keep your privacy and advertisers target consumers in an honest way. Advertising with us also results in investing directly back into communities which means writers now have increased income and an increased likelihood to both become a customer and recommend your business to other customers.   

No more throwing money into advertisements that get shown to disinterested people. 

Social proof of reinvesting their advertising budget back into the community. I.E. The ability to advertise that you help people through advertisements. 

Save resources through decreased staff-hours in targeting and honing ads and managing advertisements.

We’re pretty small right now, but we’re growing quickly. In the meantime we are running advertisements through ad networks and will phase them out as our audience grows.

If you think this idea has merit, please join us. Create a free profile, and simply add items to your bucket list, follow a writer, submit content, if your open, maybe even invite your friends. 

Technically this is sort of a win/win/win/win situation for readers, writers, advertisers, and us. Who doesn’t like superfectas?


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