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The Wild Drive at Northwest Trek

We have been going to NW Trek for the past 6 years. Four of those years we had memberships and went ALL of the time. It was even the first place we took our girls when they were babies and we needed out of the house. To say that this place is special to us, is an understatement.

When I saw that they were doing the Wild Drive this year I was SO excited! We have all been stuck in the house and missing our normal activities. Our normal life. The kids have really been craving normalcy lately and I thought that this would be the perfect activity for all of us.

NW Trek is a wildlife park that features 40 Northwest animals and numerous native plants. It is located in Eatonville, Washington.  They have trails, a zipline, trams that go through a 435 acre free-roam area, a kid zone and multiple places to picnic or hold events. They are always doing fun things throughout the year; such as Bear Tracks, Slug Fest, Zookeeper Academy, Hoot’n’Howl and photo tours.

We have been on the tram a lot, but driving through the free roam area ourselves was so nice! The kids could get out of their carseats and look out the windows. I didn’t have to worry about them being too loud or bothering other guests. It was so relaxing for all of us.


The tour itself was 50 minutes long. We followed a lead car, who was our tour guide. We programmed our radio station prior to leaving and we could hear her perfectly the whole time. She did an excellent job speaking about the park and pointing out all of the animals that we were about to pass. 

We saw ALL of the animals! Sometimes the Moose are a little elusive, but one of them made an  appearance for us. Some of the other animals we saw were Mountain Goats, American Bison, Trumpeter Swans, Bighorn Sheep, Caribou, Roosevelt Elk, and the Columbian Black-Tailed Deer.

The kids were having a blast looking out the windows (because they could see so much better from our car) and yelling out “I see something! I see something!”  Our car was FULL of joy and excitement. Our windows were down and we were driving through this majestic sanctuary.

Even though we’d seen the animals and scenery before, this experience meant so much more for us. Not only was it nice getting out of the house, but it was a little bit of “normal” that we were all desperate for!

If you want to go visit, but walk and enjoy the small animals, you will soon be able to do the Wild Walk around the park. You can purchase online, timed tickets to visit. There will be a one-way walking path with arrows so you can still socially distance. They also have a time on Tuesdays for seniors and high-risk individuals.

Please visit to read the park rules (some have changed due to Covid-19) and purchase your tickets! Thank you Northwest Trek and Travel Tacoma for inviting us to this wonderful family experience! We will be back for the Wild Walk soon!


Written by Heather Dembeck

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