Tour Olympia and Thurston County, One Selfie at a Time

Selfies are a fun way to capture memories of an adventure with your friends. On a day trip to Olympia and Thurston Country with my two friends, blogger Gwyn Nielsen and photographer Jennifer Bowen, we decided to use the Selfie Tour of Olympia as a guide on what to see in the area. The tour had more than 20 stops, but we dropped a few and still ended up with an ambitious 18-stop tour.

We organized our stops on a route that had us looping all through Thurston County including Yelm, Rainier, Tenino, Bucoda, Rochester, Tumwater and into Olympia. Also on a day devoted to selfies, you need to have Gwyn’s three essentials, a selfie stick for your “cellie” to achieve the perfect selfie angle, a bag of props to accessorize your photos and, most importantly, a few, fun friends to go along so you will enjoy your tour.


Photographer tips for better selfies according to photographer Jennifer Bowen

Selfie tip #1: Every face is different. Find the best, most flattering angle for you. Chin up and out!

Selfie tip # 2: Lighting is key! Natural light is your best friend. Keep the sun behind you.

Selfie tip # 3: Accessorize! Wear sunglasses or hats if you are outdoors and it is bright. Or wear them just for fun!

Selfie tip # 4: Have fun and take lots of selfies!

Our favorite stop of the day was in the cute little town of Rainier because there were cookies involved. The Main Street Cookie Company is located in a building with a large mural of Mount Rainier on the side of it. This mural was one stop and the second stop was the bakery.  The bakers at Main Street Cookie Company craft only cookies, handmade from scratch with real butter. A cup of coffee and a handcrafted cookie made a great morning snack.

The most scenic site is Tumwater Falls. This lovely park is beautiful no matter what time of year, but if you visit in September you will have the thrill of watching the salmon run. Take time to meander along the Deschutes River on a trail that borders both sides of the river with bridges to cross back and forth while enjoying the sounds of rushing water. It’s hard to believe you are in the middle of town within this natural setting.

Some selfie lessons we learned on our trip. Check to make sure you have a great photo before you leave. Make sure all eyes are open and all mouths closed. (it happened), and most importantly make sure you have an entire face in the photo. As our day went on and we got sillier, the photos became more of a challenge. We quickly realized one member in our group had a problem holding the camera straight which resulted in quite a few blurry photos and missing headshots. Keep the silly photos, they make for good memories.

If you would like to have your own selfie adventure or you’re just looking for things to do in the Olympia area, go to


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Written by Peggy Cleveland


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