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Do you really need another social media website account? Probably not, but we hope to convince you otherwise. We realize we face some pretty steep odds, but we also think somebody needed to try something to help people. Our goal is to take advertising revenue along with other forms of income and redistribute it to our contributors through revenue and profit sharing. We pool some sources of revenue and distribute it out equally based on the number of articles, blogs, videos, and podcasts contributed. You can read more about our compensation model below.

We’re working on a marketplace now and will be activating features in stages. Currently, we are looking for folks to test it out and find areas we can improve.

Along with businesses, writers are also given a vendor profile, which we place the advertisements they have available for sale on their blogs. Writers can increase and discount their advertising rates, as well as services and products.

Print and Digital Media is funded in one of two ways, advertising or subscriptions. Nobody wants to pay for a service they usually get for free. Still, people also are turning away from digital advertising.
Advertisers have another more pressing problem, whether they are aware of it or not. Wages are stagnant, the cost of living is going up. Jobs for writers have declined by nearly 50% over the last 10 years, and the job outlook over the next ten years is projected to grow at zero percent. 

Meanwhile, advertising spending is increasing by tens of billions of dollars each year, totaling hundreds of billions of dollars a year. About half of that money is going to two companies who’ve been fined billions of dollars for ethical violations. It’s a massive bubble, and someone needs to get out in front of it. Maybe you’re like us and have been feeling an increasing pinch or noticed a growing dissatisfaction rumbling through society.

We’re not trying to compete with the giants, nor do we have to. One of our future goals is to use profile revenue to subsidize the printing of freemium magazines. We believe that we have found a magazine publishing business model that results in payments for writers in the tens of thousands of dollars. We admit it sounds like complete bullshit. But we’re absolutely not bullshitting you. The crux of our plan relies on views, members, contributors, and vendors,

We believe that society needs something beyond entrepreneurs beyond the primarily niche-specific social entrepreneurs. Communities need saint entrepreneurs. Individuals who are willing to sacrifice wealth for well being.

Nejc Draganec is an award winning travel photographer. His work has been featured in multiple publications including National Geographic.
Founders of Sojournlist, Corey and Heather Dembeck at John Day Fossil Beds in Oregon
Photo / Comic Hybrid by Marilyn Belrose.
The Elks Temple in Tacoma, Washington was abandoned decades ago and left to decay. Recently, the temple was revitalized by McMenamins and has once again become one of Tacoma's many gems.
Take a safari with Andrew Mweti and Pathway Safaris, and visit the David Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage.
Travel Writer Kathleen Walls at Dalton Distillery in Dalton Georgia.

For Sellers

Do you have a small business? Maybe you’re a crafty person, a photographer, you have your own ebook or sell courses. Not only do we have lower fees than other similar marketplaces, but you can sell advertising space as well.

What’s the cost of goods on an ad? Nothing. You don’t make it, you don’t design it unless you are selling advertisement design services. It’s an additional product with zero cost to you.

The commission earned by us from your sales also goes towards helping aspiring or professional writers make a more sustainable living. This gives writers an increased amount of expendable income, which they can now return to you.

You can write your own articles and plug your shop and further increase your income through ads being sold on your hard work, whether they are sold by you or someone else. By writing a blog post, you’d then be able to even further expand your earnings by being included in the same revenue and profit-sharing as the writers.

Our Solution.

Cooperative Game Theory

Competition isn’t the only solution to optimizing profit. Cooperation is much more powerful and is beautifully described in this scene from “A Beautiful Mind.”

For Writers

Our goal is to streamline advertising and deliver it to communities and writers.

When an advertiser buys an ad, we take 75 percent of that revenue, and once the payment has been completed, immediately deposit it into your account.

Your work is your own. We don’t own it. You are free to sell your personal advertisements, and if you don’t want to waste your time selling ads because you’re a writer. We got you covered, not only do we work to sell ad space, but any other vendor on the site can sell your ad space for you. You receive 50 percent, they receive 25 percent, and we receive 25 percent.

When vendors sell products, we take around a small percentage share of their sales. About half goes towards covering transaction costs; the other half we pool and share with writers based on the number of articles contributed. This helps ensure that each writer can earn regardless of direct ad sales. We also combine several other sources of revenue similarly.

You are also able to place your own affiliate links into your article. Remember to disclose that you’ve done so.

Become a writer or vendor today

Ethical Optimization of Advertising Revenue

We are working on a system of compensating writers we believe has the potential to increase the income of amateur or professional writers. Even if it’s just by a few bucks here and there, occasionally those few bucks are what we need to push us through some difficulties. 

  1. Our goal is to sell advertisements directly. When an ad is sold on your work, you’ll earn 50 to 75 percent of the revenue. Allowing writers to perpetually earn income off a single post for years aided by our bucket list tool. 
  2. Each Blog post has three to five advertising spots that can rotate an infinite amount of times. 
  3. Advertisements are sold for a year in advance. This helps reduce costs by limiting the amount of time and effort placed into sales. It reduces our expenses, which allows us to provide increasing amounts of support. We believe it may also reduce the time of the folks in charge of purchasing advertising. They spend less time hearing pitches from an advertising salesman. They spend less time managing their marketing. 
  4. We work to sell advertisements. Vendors can sell ads on your work. Vendors can augment their store’s income by also selling advertisements either actively or passively.
  5. Advertisements are sold in the marketplace. If an ad is bought from the Sojournlist Store or the Writers store, 75 percent of the revenue gets deposited into the writer’s account immediately. If another vendor sells the advertisement, they receive a 25% commission, which is 10% higher than the market commission rates for advertising salespeople. The writer’s 50% share will be deposited during the following month. The delay is primarily due to limitations outside of our control.
  6. Vendors can sell digital or physical products, services, as well as tickets and bookings to events. Vendors can submit articles related to the broad field of travel and tourism as well. We will place an ad on each blog page linking to the vendor’s store, as well as a link to your profile. Links to your store can also be found within your profile.
  7. Much like Etsy or Amazon, we charge a transaction fee to cover the cost of doing business of 5% and a 4% fee that will be pooled and split between writers and Sojournlist. We believe the effect of this increases earnings and gratitude of the contributors to the site. Those contributors now have increased income as well as increased incentive to purchase your products. Resulting in a portion of your advertising spend directly returned to your business. 
  8. We also use various ad networks as backups for empty advertising spots. We pool that revenue and split it between the writers and Sojournlist. 
  9. Pooled Revenue is split 75% to the writers and 25% to us based on the number of articles, blogs, videos, and even podcasts contributed. The pooled revenue is split and shared between writers on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis dependent on a variable threshold.
  10. At year-end, we do profit sharing with writers based on the content contributed to us. This effectively treats your work like owning stock in a company. If, by chance, Sojournlist is successful, our profit-sharing model would effectively prevent us from going public. We view this as a good thing since Wall Street is where all good ideas go to die.

We have a series of plans that will expand our opportunities as well as a set of internal functions to help aid writers in gaining a broader audience in the future.

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